I Love the Small Group Bible Studies in the Homes: Short and Sweet!

I Love the Small Group Bible Studies in the Homes: Short and Sweet! [an example of a home meeting with students and believers]Believe it or not, even though all the polls and reports and news say that England is becoming more atheistic or Muslim (rather than becoming more Christian), there are thousands of hungry-for-truth-seeking-ones in this country, and especially in London.

During the Olympic Games in London there was a massive Bible Distribution and there have been more than 70.000 New Testaments given out, with a response of approx. 60% people desiring to be further contacted for Bible studies. Wow, how about that!

What a privilege to live in this day, age, and country at this particular moment in time. All we have to do is be open to the Lord, and He will not only daily supply us but bring men like a flock, those who are hungry for the deeper truths in God’s word!

Small Group Bible Studies

These days we have been having a lot of fellowship, prayer, and eventually some visitation of the ones who request a Bible study in their home. I realize that in myself I am not qualified, but the Lord has “loaded us with His spiritual heavenly cargo” – God’s economy – and He has brought people to us; what can we do but go and visit!?!

I have been visiting together with my dear wife several homes to read the Bible together. I have to say, I love the small group Bible studies! No formality. No pastor. No leader. No schedule. Only the Bible, the footnotes, and the seeking of the Lord. And it is so sweet!

The Lord leads, we follow. We read, He speaks to us. We ask a question, and through the other members, He answers it or at least points us in the right direction. At the end of it all, you feel you have gained not only “more knowledge of God” but you have gained more God!

Example: Last Night Bible Study

Basic Elements of the Christian Life (volume 3)For example, last night we met with some believers to get into a portion of the truth related to following the sense of life within – not merely behaving according to right or wrong, but according to the sense of life, the feeling of the divine life, in our spirit (set 3 in Basic Elements of Christian Life, which can be ordered online for free here).

The seemingly-impossible things the Bible tells us to do in Matthew 5-7 can be lived out spontaneously only when we live by the divine life. We all were impressed with the fact that we don’t need to do or say things according to the right or wrong (which belong to the tree of knowledge) but according to the life within.

Sometimes we may do something good (like giving some money to a beggar on the street because “we think it’s good to do this”) but the divine life within us is not happy, and so we need to repent for doing this good thing! Wow!

Questions and Answers in an Open Environment

The best thing about meeting in a home is not only the small number and each one functioning, but also the good questions and all-doing-their-best-to-answer the questions. There’s such a good fellowship when the Lord’s seekers come together, enjoy Him in His word, and then fellowship from their experience of Christ!

What about when someone just likes to make you suffer by doing and saying things that he knows will make you feel bad? What if this person continues to do this? What should a Christian do?

Watchman Nee was presenting the example of two brothers who had a plot of land which they watered daily, but the neighbor down the road was stealing the water at night. They continued to water their plot, but eventually after 7-8 days they felt not happy within. After some fellowship with a more experienced brother, they went and FIRST watered the plot of the down-the-road neighbor, and then they watered their own plot. How about that!

In ourselves we can “endure as a Christian the persecution of others”, but in Christ, in the divine life, we can even turn the other cheek! Eventually the neighbor came and said, I want to know your God – He is real! This story sparked such a good fellowship, and our prayer was, Lord, make us those who live by the divine life in our spirit. Grow in us!

In the Homes – God’s Way

We are all busy. We all have a lot of things to do. We all want “our free time”, our space, our own personal relaxing time… But God has a need. And the way He takes today is away from the big crowds, away from the big buildings, and into the homes. Many thousands of homes. Small, sweet, enjoyable, around the table, in the Word, with the believers, with all ages, and under His leading.

Witness Lee once said that this kind of home group meetings should constitute 80% of our church life. We are on our way now, learning to have many such small group meetings, home meetings, with the immediate members of the Body and the Lord’s seeking ones. And He is building up His church through each member functioning in their measure.

In such a small setting every one can function, and no one can “not function” because his portion is vital! I love God’s way, the way of the homes – from house to house, day by day!

Pictures: the first, a meeting in our own home 🙂 and the second, via Rhema – free Christian Literature.

Paying Attention to the News that are Really News

Paying Attention to the News that are Really NewsIt used to be that you need to wait until you get the newspaper to find out what’s going on in the world. It used to be that only at set times during the day there were news on radio or TV.

And people were absorbing what the news stations / agencies had to give them. Word by word, they were “the news” to them.

But now it’s all changed. “The news” are coming to you. They are everywhere, you just need to have one of those smartphones. Or be online. Or look around.

The News are Coming to You!

The news are now breaking on twitter and they are on Facebook. You just need to know who to follow on twitter and what Facebook pages you need to be a fan of. You can have alerts on the breaking news, and you can download apps for every news agency in the world.

You can view TV news on your smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet, wherever you are and at any time. They are recorded and put online. And there’s lots and lots of news.

So This is what You Call News?

What are we being fed? What is today considered as being news? Here are some of the kinds of things we find out through the “news websites”:

  • News about wars, revolutions, social unrest, shootings, killings, evil people doing evil things. Are these news? Same things happened since the world began, and every year they happen again and again, only their intensity and frequency differ. The actors, location, nation, and details are different, but it’s the same “news”: things are really bad, no matter where you are.
  • News about politics, parties, corruption, lies, shame, dishonesty, immorality, etc. These are NOT news; rather, they are just like the first category, the “more refined and cultured” expression of the sinful human nature. There is NO way for a politician to be true to his beliefs and ideology, which change as time goes by since he wants to please the masses. He is never moral, not a pattern, but a sinner like the rest of us. Why are you still surprised?
  • Gossip, celebrity news, relationships, and other stuff. Most teenagers and young people feed on this. This one got together with that one, and that one broke up with that one. This one became pregnant, the other one was caught with drugs, another one was shot, etc. There are websites dedicated to this, and it is pleasing to the flesh of some people to just browse them and subscribe. Again, this is NOT news: in 2 years from now they are old, not valuable, and forgotten.
  • Tech News: new gadgets coming out, thinner phones, higher technologies, better operating systems, more apps, more games, etc. There’s google with their search engine, but then there’s the social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which have no value except a lot of users, so google makes google+ to match them! There are websites dedicated to “reviewing the gadgets” and “talking about tech news”. Newer technologies and newer phones coming out, and the one you buy as NEW today is old in a month. This is NOT news: it’s just “hot air”, people speaking of things which have NO value. In 2 months what someone writes today has NO value, and even the principles of reviewing and writing change.
  • News about other topics: nature, climate change, cars, books, culture, cooking, people, health, wedding, marriage, shopping, children, young people, parents, gaming, photography, programming, spirituality, atheism, science, the universe, etc. They may present certain information which seem so real and true, and in a few years “science discovers a new thing” which annuls all the previous things. We’re being cheated. New things make the old obsolete. New photographers or coders make the previous ones look old and infantile. Something’s wrong!
  • News Analysis: there are some websites that do great reviews and analysis of the REAL news, having some deep insights of why wars and insurrections happen (see stratfor.com), etc. You read one article there and you think you know what’s happening, and why the terrorists do what they do, etc. But then another article comes out, with a longer review, and you realize: I’m wasting my time reading stuff that will change tomorrow anyways, and all they do is expose man’s evil nature in its intricacies…

These are not all the news out there – whatever your preference is, there’s “news” about that. The question still remains: are these really news? They are new for a moment, an instance, and then they are old news, something that occupies your memory (if you allow them to reside there). Then another piece of news come, and… so on.

All these so-called news are merely hot air. The more they bombard us and try to get us, the more we are filled with dung flies which make us itchy, nervous, and hungry for things which are not real.

What is Really News?

Video news. Text news. Picture news. Breaking news. World news. National news. Local news. Friends news feed. Family news. Animal news. Nature news. Climate news. Your personal news.Video news. Text news. Picture news. Breaking news. World news. National news. Local news. Friends news feed. Family news. Animal news. Nature news. Climate news. Your personal news.

What is news? What is really something that can feed you, constitute you, make you better, inform you, take you on, and make you a human being that is properly informed of what is really going on?

Believe me, I check the so-called news daily, and the above categories are just some of a “system of news” designed to get your attention, pester you, make you thirst for them, and never be satisfied but rather be drugged and be unreal, not genuine. What really is news? What is GOING ON today in this world?

God’s Move today is the Real News!

Behind the human history – which is outwardly, in your face, hitting you everywhere and trying to get into you without asking for your permission or warning you of its side-effects – there is another history. God is operating behind the scenes. The real news today is that God is moving. The real news is the Good News: God coming into man to be one with man and move in man to gain the whole earth for God!

I think I am seeing something about this. No matter the age, the country, the people, the culture, the gender, or the situation, there is one thing that is constant: God has an economy, and He is moving toward a goal, to CLOSE THIS AGE. He wants to end the age of grace, the age of mystery, and bring in the age of the kingdom.

Paul saw this; Peter saw this; thousands of seeking believers see this, and all genuine Christians have a yearning inside, Come, Lord Jesus! This is the news – God’s need for overcomers who become the dispensational instrument to terminate this age and bring in the kingdom age.

God is moving, steadily, in every country, among all kinds of people, and He is gaining something real and solid in the hearts of men. God’s move is not in “the news” today, but that’s what is really going on.

He is moving in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. He is moving especially in Europe; He is doing something secret yet solid in the Arab countries, and He will regain a shining lampstand in Jerusalem. And the Lord Jesus will return. Do you SEE this?

Pay Attention to the News that are Really News!

What shall we say when we have so many thousands of witnesses testifying to us: go on, gain Christ, grow in life, and become an overcomer, to end this age!?! When we see God’s move, His desire, His working in and through human history…. and we see the locusts eating people up, devouring man’s flesh, crawling everywhere, at any time, and in any space – we just need to give ourselves to the Lord to be one spirit with Him in His move today!

Don’t miss God’s move! In Abraham’s age there was only he that God moved through. In every age God has only one move, and today we are in His ultimate move, to bring in the age of the kingdom. Don’t miss it. Be connected to the news that are really news, and make sure you know what’s really going on.

Don’t be drugged, preoccupied, drunken with what the world has to offer, or stupefied with the “news” today. Exercise your spirit, be one spirit with the Lord, stay in the coordination with the other saints in the church life, and move one with God’s move!

Don’t just “watch the news” or “read the news”, but “make the news” by praying at the incense altar one with Christ for the great wheel of God’s economy to move on earth! Grow in life by daily enjoying Christ, ask the Lord to produce you as an overcomer, and firmly believe that He will do it!

It is through a small group of people that God will change this age. Oh, may we be among those who know their God and rise up to take action! May we be those who are consecrated to Him for His move today! May we be those continually de-toxified from what the ruler of this world infuses in the system of the world today, and be fully one with God to Make the News that are Really News: God’s Move on Earth today!

Pictures credit: Breaking News and News (online).

How is Your Bible Reading? Did You Read the Bible Today?

How is Your Bible Reading? Did You Read the Bible Today?What if this is the way we greet one another when we come together, when we randomly meet on the street, or when we call one another?

Instead of, Hi, How are You? (to which I never know what to answer, because: how am I right now? Do you REALLY wanna know what’s going on in my life, or you’re just “politely” asking?) why not ask one another,

How is your Bible Reading? What did you enjoy in the Word of God today?

Why do We Need to Read the Bible?

Brother Tom at holdingtotruth.com recently wrote a very good article concerning the importance of building up a habit of reading the Bible daily. Why do we need to read the Bible? As Christians, we have the Spirit of the Lord within (1 Cor. 6:17) and we have God’s Word without, and we need to read the Bible every day so that we may know God, His desire, His intention, and His economy.

Watchman Nee said once something like, You cannot love the Lord more than you love His word; the degree to which you love the Lord is the degree to which you love His Word. For us to know God, to grow in life, and to be washed, we need to read the Bible every day.

How Should We Read the Bible?

The Bible is the book of books, and it is divinely inspired by God – even breathed out by God (2 Tim. 3:16). We should not read the Bible just like we read any other book; rather, we need to listen to the Lord’s word in John 5:39-40 by coming to Him when we come to His Word.

We need to find Christ in the Bible, and we need to exercise our spirit when we read the Word so that we may receive not merely letters, doctrines, teachings, or words, but spirit – it is the Spirit who gives life (John 6:63).

How should we read the Bible? Read the Bible by first praying to the Lord, contacting Him, and opening to Him. Read the Bible by contacting its Author, and you will get life.

Simple Ways of Reading the Bible

There are many ways of reading the Bible. What is really important is to have a habit of reading the Bible every day, and to pray to the Lord about it. He said, If you abide in Me and MY WORDS abide in you, ask whatever you will and it shall be done for you (John 15:7) [see a further word on this via agodman.com, the Church must Match Christ in His move].

We need to abide in the Lord by exercising our spirit, and we need to let His word dwell in us richly (Col. 3:16).

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to God (Col. 3:16).

We need to abide in the Lord by exercising our spirit, and we need to let His word dwell in us richly (Col. 3:16). How? There are many ways, and here are a few of these ways that help me:

  1. Read according to a Schedule. Read the Bible once a year. Or read the New Testament once every 3-4 months. Read 1 chapter of the New Testament and one of the Old Testament every day. Just make a schedule! I tried all kinds of schedules, and now what I do is reading one or two chapters every day. I love the book of Ezra (see my sharing here), and now in Nehemiah I love the spirit of this dear one, who loves the Lord and His house!
  2. Pray Over God’s Word. Out of the chapter that you read, take a verse that touches you and pray over it. Don’t just read the black-on-white words on the page – make the logos (written constant word) into rhema (living instant word) that you may be nourished! Every day we need to pray over some of the verses either in the Morning Revival or in our Bible Reading, so that we may drink the guileless milk of the Word (1 Pet. 2:2).
  3. Read the Bible with a Small Group. Once a week we gather together with some students, or in the homes with some believers, and we read one chapter. I love the Gospel of John: we are now in chapter 6 with the students reading, and in chapter 7 in our small group meeting. Get some companions either on the campus or in the homes and read the Bible together, at least once a week!
  4. Read the Bible with Footnotes. I strongly recommend the Recovery Version with the footnotes (see it online here, or get one for free in USA via Bibles for America, in Canada via Bibles for Canada, in Australia via Bibles for Australia, in New Zealand via Bibles for New Zealand, and in UK via Rhema). The footnotes explain the text, bringing out both its proper meaning and the points of life for you to enjoy. Check out, for instance, the note on John 3:16 concerning “whoever believes INTO Me” – to believe into means to enter into an organic union with the Lord. Wow!
  5. Read the Bible Out Loud. Not sure about you, but sometimes you need to read the Bible out loud, to speak it, and to exercise your spirit of faith when you read. When you do this you will experience God’s salvation from a multitude of problems, thoughts, troubles, worries, and all kinds of “bugs from Satan”. In your own time in your own room, or when you walk through the park, read the Bible out loud – experience God’s salvation!
  6. Read the Bible with Companions. I personally recommend lettheword.com, a website where you can create a group or join a group, and you can then check with the others + be reminded by the other members of the group concerning the Bible reading. The hardest thing is not to read the Bible, but to read it consistently and diligently daily. One chapter a day – that’s not too much! – but when it comes down to practicing this, we NEED HELP! We need companions to remind us!
  7. Sing the Word of God. Here’s a video of Psa. 73:23-26 being sung by Stephen. There are so many Scripture songs. Make your own Scripture song – take a verse and put a melody, if you’re musically inclined, and then sing it! Sing the Word of God, and make a joyful noise before Him when you read His Word!

Just Make Sure You Read the Bible Daily!

The above 7 ways are only some of the many ways we can read the Bible. Brother Nee has a few messages on the ways to read the Word of God, and all believers experience daily many ways of reading God’s word to receive life, light, nourishment, and more of the Spirit.

Just make sure you read the Word of God daily! As believers we need to read the Bible to grow in life and to know our God. We need to read the Scriptures that we may know His heart, His intentions, His ways, His desires, and His very Person.

Set a time and a place in your schedule daily where you dedicate yourself to read the Bible! Get a companion to remind you. Pray to the Lord to strengthen you to keep your Bible-reading schedule. Just do it! Even be legal about it – be strict with yourself, don’t allow a day to go by without reading the Bible! And when you meet your fellow believers, greet them with a warm,

How is Your Bible Reading? What did you enjoy in Your Reading of the Scriptures today?

Here’s more from other Christians who love reading the Bible:

Pictures credit: reading the Bible, and Inspiration Unlimited.

5 Things I recommend You Do While Commuting in London (England)

5 Things I recommend You Do While Commuting in London (England) I have been a London commuter for almost 7 months now (which should tell you how long I’ve been married), and I was thinking to share with you some things I recommend you do while commuting.

Commuting basically means traveling by public transport (yes, Public Transport) to get to work and back home. I basically have to take a bus, a train, Tube (circle line) and then tube again (northern line) so that I would get to work every day, almost 1.5h travel time in total one way.

1. Enjoy The Lord

No matter what you do, whether you travel or not, you need to enjoy the Lord, otherwise everything becomes dry, frustrating, and wears you out.

Especially in the morning, forget about the free newspapers, listening to music, playing games, or catching up on your sleep. Just enjoy the Lord!

You can call on His name – He’s so real and so near especially in the morning! Eat the Word by pray-reading it, praying over the Bible to inhale God.

Also, read the Morning Revival portion (see what came out of my enjoyment today here). Just touch Him. Don’t do it as a routine, but do it as a rule – enjoy the Lord!

2. Look at People’s Faces

This may sound crazy, but in London people never look at one another, never smile, and never talk to one another on public transport (unless they are super-good friends, they are family, or they are just special). Don’t just “travel to work and back”, but rather look at faces, even pray for people, seeking to maybe talk to them.

Maybe say Hi, or, Good morning. But most of all to pray for them. Especially as you see no smile on people’s faces, as you see them making sure they read something in the paper or listen to music and not pay attention to anyone and anything else… Lord, save so many of these ones!

3. Take Some Pictures – Look Around

Don’t be a paparazzi, but look around, see some cool things, learn to appreciate the design and architecture of the train stations / tube stops, and pay attention to what’s around you. Snap a photo here and there, and collect these pictures.

Don't be a paparazzi, but look around, see some cool things, learn to appreciate the design and architecture of the train stations / tube stops, and pay attention to what's around you. Snap a photo here and there, and collect these pictures.


In London there are some amazing looking tube stations (metro stations) and train stations. Take a minute and look around, take some pictures (the iPhone is made for that!), and enjoy, observe, appreciate! Take a picture of the sunrise, the sunset, the things around you… – learn to find the little joys in life.

4. Read Something / Listen to Something

You can’t read all the time, and you can’t look at people all the time, so what you can do is also listen to something. I recommend some of the NYCYP CD’s, with good quality Christian music, or the LSM Radio, with many good eye-opening and spirit-uplifting life-study of the Bible messages and talks.

Or read a book – whether by physically reading it or by listening to an audio book (just started, A History of the World, by Andrew Marr). I also recommend listening to some podcasts 🙂 and I wish the ones at Bibles for America or Rhema would follow the ones at ageturners.com and make some podcasts on some spiritual matters…

5. Sleep – Rest!

Don’t be legal on what to do while commuting. Believe me, I tried to be legal about reading every day in the evening, and I just couldn’t do it. It’s good to rest a bit after work. Let your eyes rest, and make sure you get a seat 🙂 and even take a nap.

You can still listen to stuff in the meantime, and you have to make sure you know where you get off – don’t sleep and go past your stop! Remember: rest is very important, and a 20 mins nap will strengthen your body for the rest of the day (yes, there’s more to do besides commute and work).

Don’t be Legal about it!

The above 5 things are not the only things you can do while commuting, but I personally recommend them (in the order above). First of all, touch the Lord. Tell Him to come with you while travelling. He’s real, He understands, and His presence will shepherd your inner being. Just take Him into your boat.

Mind the people around you: don’t “mind the gap” only, but look at people and things. Use the time to read, listen to things, get some culture and some spiritual nourishment… and don’t forget to rest!

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing. Dealing with Frustrations

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing and Dealing with FrustrationsSome people are frustrated by traffic (because they drive a lot), others by their classmates (since they are in school), and others… by the most advanced web browser out there! Let me try to explain the problem here… [picture credit: frustrated man (not me, obviously!)]

Once upon a time there was ONLY Internet Explorer, and there were many many toolbars you could add to this browser, until eventually it became a terrible browsing experience. I am talking about browsing the internet, by the way. Then, along came Firefox Mozilla (among other alternative browsers), and it was so slick – no toolbars, but rather simple, clean, loads fast, updates regularly, has themes, plugins, etc… Mozilla was amazing in its time.

And then again, Google comes with Chrome. At one point Mozilla was just freezing my PC, eating up all my memory, and it loaded so slow… even after disabling the plugins and auxiliary stuff, still slow. Chrome, on the other hand, top notch: quick, simple, no toolbar, clean, easy to load, no problem! Chrome was and is still the best internet browser out there, not only because of its safety and security but also its speed, cleanness, etc.

Daily Frustration: Life with Chrome

All nice and good, but at one point Chrome started loading slow, encouraging me to “kill some pages”, eating up all my memory…. In other words, the most amazing and the coolest browser in the world (in which I spend approx. 8h per day, since it’s my job) is now slowing down my PC, causing me to “kill the Chrome processes” from the Task Manager, and just frustrating me…. Here are some pictures, to see what I’m talking about:

Life with Chrome: 2.93GB Page File Usage! WOW!

Life with Chrome: 2.93GB Page File Usage! WOW!

Also: the number of processes Chrome generates (all named, Chrome, duh!) eat up my CPU, my memory usage, etc….

Life without Chrome: 1% CPU, 692MB Page File Usage

Life without Chrome: 1% CPU, 692MB Page File Usage

And we’re back to Photoshop taking up most of my memory space.

It’s not about how many tabs you have opened in Chrome (10 in the normal one and 10 in the incognito mode), but it’s about… the memory it eats up, the page file usage, the processes loaded, and the slowing down of my PC….

What is the Solution to This Frustration?

Such a good thing as Google chrome, giving me such a headache, every day! There are two sides to the solution of the problem:

  1. Google needs to sort out this issue! And as for me, at least once or twice per day I need to restart the browser. Reload all the tabs. And start all over again. Patiently…. and regularly!
  2. Why does this affect ME? Why am I frustrated? It’s something outward, but it can inwardly frustrate me. The way to deal with frustration is to turn to a living Person, the Lord Jesus, who is in my spirit! He is my life, my peace, and my joy!

The best solution to being released from frustrations is not to try to deal with them directly but to turn to the Lord and contact Him! When I call on His name, when I just take a break from the browser & from work, and I just touch Him, inwardly the frustration is gone! The browser may still be stuck, frozen, and not moving, but there’s no more frustration inwardly!

Touching Jesus is what Really Matters

Daily there are so many things, people, situations, and matters that frustrate us, wear us out, and put us down. But we can turn to the Lord by calling on His name and praying to Him, and inwardly we are filled with life and peace (Rom. 8:6). Outwardly the situation and people may not change, but inwardly we enjoy peace, life abundantly, and so much joy.

Who would have ever thought that the solution to the Chrome Freezing Problem is Calling on the Lord? I think that having a time with the Lord in the morning will definitely help you remember to turn to Him and enjoy Him in every situation!

… how about YOU? Do you have an experience of dealing with frustrations – by touching the Lord? Did you apply this key + get some life and peace?

The Struggle for the Rebuilding of God’s House (Ezra)

The Struggle for the Rebuilding of God's House (Ezra)These days I’m in Ezra in my Bible reading (check out, John 10:10b on lettheword.com, our group for reading the Bible), and I am impressed with what a struggle is there for the rebuilding of God’s house. Because God’s people, Israel, disobeyed God and went after other gods, He brought in the Babylonians to take them as captives. God tried to warn them and draw them back, but they didn’t listen!

Jeremiah prophesied that the people of Israel will be in captivity for 70 years, and this happened exactly: king Cyrus released the people of Israel to return to their homeland and gave a decree to rebuild the temple and the city in Jerusalem. Strange though, not all the people of Israel returned to their land, but only a small number whose spirit was stirred up by God.

The Struggle for the Building

As I was reading the book of Ezra I realized that there’s such a fight, a struggle, for the rebuilding of God’s house! First there’s the enemies without, the people of the land, who “wanted to help with the building” but then turned against them and sent letters to the king to stop the building! Then there’s the enemies within, causing all kinds of hindrances to come in so that the temple and the city won’t be rebuilt…

In all these we see that God is operating behind the scenes with the help of some of His people who pray:

  • He prophesied through Jeremiah concerning the captivity and its end (Jer. 25:12-29),
  • He prayed in and through Daniel for the release of the captives to return to Israel (Dan. 6:10),
  • He stirred up Zerubbabel and the others to return (Ezra 2),
  • He spoke through the prophets Haggai and Zechariah to strengthen and encourage the people to continue rebuilding (Ezra 5:1),
  • He moved king Darius to strengthen those rebuilding (Ezra 6),

and this is only up to chapter 6 in Ezra! Hallelujah, within the outward human history God is working through the prayer and cooperation of some of His people that He may accomplish what He desires!

It is the same today – God’s people is in captivity in all kinds of religions, denominations, free groups, etc. Many of God’s people prosper there, and most of them got settled where they are….

Being the People God Needs Today

God needs some Daniels who pray one with the Lord for the return of His people to the proper ground of oneness. Some need to see God’s desire for His people to return, and they will rise up to pray!

God needs some Zerubbabel’s today, who are stirred up in their spirit to return to the land and the city God chose to put His name. Some need to take the lead to return to the local churches, to the ground of oneness, to do the rebuilding work.

God needs some Zechariah’s and Haggai’s, who strengthen and encourage the people to pray. The returned people are not “super-spiritual”, they are not too strong in their desire to rebuild… so God needs some who speak to them, who prophesy by speaking God’s word of encouragement and vision!

God needs some unbelievers who help the church people build the house of God. He will raise up people in the world who will help the saints in the local churches to rebuild the house of God.

God needs some Ezra’s who speak the word of God, impart an understanding of God’s desire into people, and help God’s people to be reconstituted with God’s word and His principles.

My general impression as I am reading this book is that there’s such a struggle when it comes to the rebuilding of God’s house. The enemy is without and within, and there are so many Babylonian elements in us that need to be dealt with…

May God really gain us as the Daniels who pray, the Zerubbabels who are stirred up to rebuild, the Zechariahs and Haggais who speak encouragement to God’s people, and the Ezras who know God’s word and impart a proper understanding of God’s desire into His people, so that the building work may continue!

Hello world! This is Stefan :)

Hello everyone. I was thinking, What is the Purpose of this Website? Isn’t agodman.com or stefan4m on twitter enough?

On this website my intention is to write about things that I am interested in. Yes, I am interested in God, I love the Lord Jesus, and I exercise my spirit to love the Lord, but there are some other things I tangentially am involved with, as a normal human being… and hopefully we will see more videos, songs, testimonies, experiences, pictures, social media stuff, online stuff, and all kinds of things via this website.