How was Your Morning Watch with the Lord Today?

Every morning we rise up a bit earlier to have a time with the Lord – just us and Him. You can call it, morning revival, or, morning watch. But the principle of living a normal Christian life is to rise up every morning a bit earlier and make sure you and the Lord have a personal, intimate, and sweet time together.

It may not work out every morning, but we strive toward this, and we daily learn to overcome the love for our sleep and for our bed. It is not a “super-amazing time with heavenly visions” every day, but we daily want to have a normal, regular, and intimate time with the Lord.

Touching the Lord Before the Sun is Up

The Lord has arranged for now that I have to wake up at 6AM or so, and especially these days I can catch the sunrise while traveling to go to work. I have heard of stories from people who say that it is amazing to see the sun “coming out of the sea” somewhere in Ireland, or get up on the mountain to watch the sunrise in Scotland…

I may not have those amazing experiences of watching the sunrise, but as sure as the earth is here and I am alive, the sun is faithful to rise up. Christ is the real sun, bringing the light of life in our life, and we need to rise up a bit earlier to enjoy Him before the sun is up!

Oh, to enjoy the Sun of righteousness with healing in His wings! To gain Him daily as the early morning Star! There’s something fresh, precious, sweet, and so good when you touch the Lord before the sun is up! He is more precious and more fresh in the morning than at any time during the day!

The Morning Watch may NOT Be Spectacular All the Time!

What I noticed in England concerning the sunrise is that it is NOT spectacular. It is normal. Day after day, the sun just rises and we have sunshine. Many times there are a lot of clouds (it’s England, remember?), while sometimes the sun rises and “the whole horizon burns”. Take a look at these pictures below 🙂

Sunrise in London, England - reminding us of our time with the Lord in the morning!

 Amazing Morning Sunrise – close to Archway, North London

Sunrise in London, England - reminding us of our time with the Lord in the morning! The sky seems to be on Fire!

 The sun is “burning the sky” as it comes up daily…

Sunrise in London, England - reminding us of our time with the Lord in the morning! Lovely Sunshine and Colorful Sky!

I took these pictures over 6 months, seeking every day to see how the sun rises… Many times we think our morning watch with the Lord should be like this: on fire, having visions and revelations, being amazing! We expect that we touch the Lord and we feel so comforted, so wonderful, so shepherded, and the whole day we stay “in that feeling”….

We have so many natural concepts and expectations concerning our time with the Lord in the morning. But how many times does this really happen in our experience? I think our experience looks mostly like this:

Sunrise in London, England - reminding us of our time with the Lord in the morning! Normal. Daily. The Sun is Up. We seek the Lord!

This is the picture I took today as I was waiting for the train in West Drayton. The sunrise today was NOT amazing, the sky was NOT on fire, and I could NOT even see the sun! But I was sure that the sun is there.

In our morning watch with the Lord, as we exercise our spirit to touch Him and be revived, as we confess our sins and dig away any dirt that His light exposes, we enjoy His presence and the shining of His face. Sometimes is really amazing. Most times it is normal, the clouds still need to be dealt with, but “the train is there” (see the picture) – the Lord is here with us, His presence is real to us, and He feeds us with Himself.

All we need to do is pay the price of denying the self to SET TIME aside, pray, fellowship with the Lord, communicate with Him, read His Word, and even sing. Just ask Him to shine on you. As sure as the earth and heavens are, Christ will shine on you, and He will bring in life. We receive our spiritual food and daily nourishment from His hand.

We just open to Him, spend time with Him, and allow Him to shine on us, speak to us, supply us, expose us, burn anything that’s not of Him in us, and even replace us with Himself. It’s a daily process.

Just as we grow normally humanly in the divine life, with nothing much spectacular happening from day to day, so we grow in life by touching the Lord and enjoying Him from day to day.

So, How Was Your Morning Time with the Lord Today?

And now I turn the question to you. If you made it through the reading of this blog post until now, please be honest and write a comment with your experience.

How was your morning watch with the Lord today? Is there something that touched you from the Word this morning? How did the Lord shine on you this morning?

5 Things I recommend You Do While Commuting in London (England)

5 Things I recommend You Do While Commuting in London (England) I have been a London commuter for almost 7 months now (which should tell you how long I’ve been married), and I was thinking to share with you some things I recommend you do while commuting.

Commuting basically means traveling by public transport (yes, Public Transport) to get to work and back home. I basically have to take a bus, a train, Tube (circle line) and then tube again (northern line) so that I would get to work every day, almost 1.5h travel time in total one way.

1. Enjoy The Lord

No matter what you do, whether you travel or not, you need to enjoy the Lord, otherwise everything becomes dry, frustrating, and wears you out.

Especially in the morning, forget about the free newspapers, listening to music, playing games, or catching up on your sleep. Just enjoy the Lord!

You can call on His name – He’s so real and so near especially in the morning! Eat the Word by pray-reading it, praying over the Bible to inhale God.

Also, read the Morning Revival portion (see what came out of my enjoyment today here). Just touch Him. Don’t do it as a routine, but do it as a rule – enjoy the Lord!

2. Look at People’s Faces

This may sound crazy, but in London people never look at one another, never smile, and never talk to one another on public transport (unless they are super-good friends, they are family, or they are just special). Don’t just “travel to work and back”, but rather look at faces, even pray for people, seeking to maybe talk to them.

Maybe say Hi, or, Good morning. But most of all to pray for them. Especially as you see no smile on people’s faces, as you see them making sure they read something in the paper or listen to music and not pay attention to anyone and anything else… Lord, save so many of these ones!

3. Take Some Pictures – Look Around

Don’t be a paparazzi, but look around, see some cool things, learn to appreciate the design and architecture of the train stations / tube stops, and pay attention to what’s around you. Snap a photo here and there, and collect these pictures.

Don't be a paparazzi, but look around, see some cool things, learn to appreciate the design and architecture of the train stations / tube stops, and pay attention to what's around you. Snap a photo here and there, and collect these pictures.


In London there are some amazing looking tube stations (metro stations) and train stations. Take a minute and look around, take some pictures (the iPhone is made for that!), and enjoy, observe, appreciate! Take a picture of the sunrise, the sunset, the things around you… – learn to find the little joys in life.

4. Read Something / Listen to Something

You can’t read all the time, and you can’t look at people all the time, so what you can do is also listen to something. I recommend some of the NYCYP CD’s, with good quality Christian music, or the LSM Radio, with many good eye-opening and spirit-uplifting life-study of the Bible messages and talks.

Or read a book – whether by physically reading it or by listening to an audio book (just started, A History of the World, by Andrew Marr). I also recommend listening to some podcasts 🙂 and I wish the ones at Bibles for America or Rhema would follow the ones at and make some podcasts on some spiritual matters…

5. Sleep – Rest!

Don’t be legal on what to do while commuting. Believe me, I tried to be legal about reading every day in the evening, and I just couldn’t do it. It’s good to rest a bit after work. Let your eyes rest, and make sure you get a seat 🙂 and even take a nap.

You can still listen to stuff in the meantime, and you have to make sure you know where you get off – don’t sleep and go past your stop! Remember: rest is very important, and a 20 mins nap will strengthen your body for the rest of the day (yes, there’s more to do besides commute and work).

Don’t be Legal about it!

The above 5 things are not the only things you can do while commuting, but I personally recommend them (in the order above). First of all, touch the Lord. Tell Him to come with you while travelling. He’s real, He understands, and His presence will shepherd your inner being. Just take Him into your boat.

Mind the people around you: don’t “mind the gap” only, but look at people and things. Use the time to read, listen to things, get some culture and some spiritual nourishment… and don’t forget to rest!