5 Things I recommend You Do While Commuting in London (England)

5 Things I recommend You Do While Commuting in London (England) I have been a London commuter for almost 7 months now (which should tell you how long I’ve been married), and I was thinking to share with you some things I recommend you do while commuting.

Commuting basically means traveling by public transport (yes, Public Transport) to get to work and back home. I basically have to take a bus, a train, Tube (circle line) and then tube again (northern line) so that I would get to work every day, almost 1.5h travel time in total one way.

1. Enjoy The Lord

No matter what you do, whether you travel or not, you need to enjoy the Lord, otherwise everything becomes dry, frustrating, and wears you out.

Especially in the morning, forget about the free newspapers, listening to music, playing games, or catching up on your sleep. Just enjoy the Lord!

You can call on His name – He’s so real and so near especially in the morning! Eat the Word by pray-reading it, praying over the Bible to inhale God.

Also, read the Morning Revival portion (see what came out of my enjoyment today here). Just touch Him. Don’t do it as a routine, but do it as a rule – enjoy the Lord!

2. Look at People’s Faces

This may sound crazy, but in London people never look at one another, never smile, and never talk to one another on public transport (unless they are super-good friends, they are family, or they are just special). Don’t just “travel to work and back”, but rather look at faces, even pray for people, seeking to maybe talk to them.

Maybe say Hi, or, Good morning. But most of all to pray for them. Especially as you see no smile on people’s faces, as you see them making sure they read something in the paper or listen to music and not pay attention to anyone and anything else… Lord, save so many of these ones!

3. Take Some Pictures – Look Around

Don’t be a paparazzi, but look around, see some cool things, learn to appreciate the design and architecture of the train stations / tube stops, and pay attention to what’s around you. Snap a photo here and there, and collect these pictures.

Don't be a paparazzi, but look around, see some cool things, learn to appreciate the design and architecture of the train stations / tube stops, and pay attention to what's around you. Snap a photo here and there, and collect these pictures.


In London there are some amazing looking tube stations (metro stations) and train stations. Take a minute and look around, take some pictures (the iPhone is made for that!), and enjoy, observe, appreciate! Take a picture of the sunrise, the sunset, the things around you… – learn to find the little joys in life.

4. Read Something / Listen to Something

You can’t read all the time, and you can’t look at people all the time, so what you can do is also listen to something. I recommend some of the NYCYP CD’s, with good quality Christian music, or the LSM Radio, with many good eye-opening and spirit-uplifting life-study of the Bible messages and talks.

Or read a book – whether by physically reading it or by listening to an audio book (just started, A History of the World, by Andrew Marr). I also recommend listening to some podcasts 🙂 and I wish the ones at Bibles for America or Rhema would follow the ones at ageturners.com and make some podcasts on some spiritual matters…

5. Sleep – Rest!

Don’t be legal on what to do while commuting. Believe me, I tried to be legal about reading every day in the evening, and I just couldn’t do it. It’s good to rest a bit after work. Let your eyes rest, and make sure you get a seat 🙂 and even take a nap.

You can still listen to stuff in the meantime, and you have to make sure you know where you get off – don’t sleep and go past your stop! Remember: rest is very important, and a 20 mins nap will strengthen your body for the rest of the day (yes, there’s more to do besides commute and work).

Don’t be Legal about it!

The above 5 things are not the only things you can do while commuting, but I personally recommend them (in the order above). First of all, touch the Lord. Tell Him to come with you while travelling. He’s real, He understands, and His presence will shepherd your inner being. Just take Him into your boat.

Mind the people around you: don’t “mind the gap” only, but look at people and things. Use the time to read, listen to things, get some culture and some spiritual nourishment… and don’t forget to rest!

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing. Dealing with Frustrations

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing and Dealing with FrustrationsSome people are frustrated by traffic (because they drive a lot), others by their classmates (since they are in school), and others… by the most advanced web browser out there! Let me try to explain the problem here… [picture credit: frustrated man (not me, obviously!)]

Once upon a time there was ONLY Internet Explorer, and there were many many toolbars you could add to this browser, until eventually it became a terrible browsing experience. I am talking about browsing the internet, by the way. Then, along came Firefox Mozilla (among other alternative browsers), and it was so slick – no toolbars, but rather simple, clean, loads fast, updates regularly, has themes, plugins, etc… Mozilla was amazing in its time.

And then again, Google comes with Chrome. At one point Mozilla was just freezing my PC, eating up all my memory, and it loaded so slow… even after disabling the plugins and auxiliary stuff, still slow. Chrome, on the other hand, top notch: quick, simple, no toolbar, clean, easy to load, no problem! Chrome was and is still the best internet browser out there, not only because of its safety and security but also its speed, cleanness, etc.

Daily Frustration: Life with Chrome

All nice and good, but at one point Chrome started loading slow, encouraging me to “kill some pages”, eating up all my memory…. In other words, the most amazing and the coolest browser in the world (in which I spend approx. 8h per day, since it’s my job) is now slowing down my PC, causing me to “kill the Chrome processes” from the Task Manager, and just frustrating me…. Here are some pictures, to see what I’m talking about:

Life with Chrome: 2.93GB Page File Usage! WOW!

Life with Chrome: 2.93GB Page File Usage! WOW!

Also: the number of processes Chrome generates (all named, Chrome, duh!) eat up my CPU, my memory usage, etc….

Life without Chrome: 1% CPU, 692MB Page File Usage

Life without Chrome: 1% CPU, 692MB Page File Usage

And we’re back to Photoshop taking up most of my memory space.

It’s not about how many tabs you have opened in Chrome (10 in the normal one and 10 in the incognito mode), but it’s about… the memory it eats up, the page file usage, the processes loaded, and the slowing down of my PC….

What is the Solution to This Frustration?

Such a good thing as Google chrome, giving me such a headache, every day! There are two sides to the solution of the problem:

  1. Google needs to sort out this issue! And as for me, at least once or twice per day I need to restart the browser. Reload all the tabs. And start all over again. Patiently…. and regularly!
  2. Why does this affect ME? Why am I frustrated? It’s something outward, but it can inwardly frustrate me. The way to deal with frustration is to turn to a living Person, the Lord Jesus, who is in my spirit! He is my life, my peace, and my joy!

The best solution to being released from frustrations is not to try to deal with them directly but to turn to the Lord and contact Him! When I call on His name, when I just take a break from the browser & from work, and I just touch Him, inwardly the frustration is gone! The browser may still be stuck, frozen, and not moving, but there’s no more frustration inwardly!

Touching Jesus is what Really Matters

Daily there are so many things, people, situations, and matters that frustrate us, wear us out, and put us down. But we can turn to the Lord by calling on His name and praying to Him, and inwardly we are filled with life and peace (Rom. 8:6). Outwardly the situation and people may not change, but inwardly we enjoy peace, life abundantly, and so much joy.

Who would have ever thought that the solution to the Chrome Freezing Problem is Calling on the Lord? I think that having a time with the Lord in the morning will definitely help you remember to turn to Him and enjoy Him in every situation!

… how about YOU? Do you have an experience of dealing with frustrations – by touching the Lord? Did you apply this key + get some life and peace?

The Struggle for the Rebuilding of God’s House (Ezra)

The Struggle for the Rebuilding of God's House (Ezra)These days I’m in Ezra in my Bible reading (check out, John 10:10b on lettheword.com, our group for reading the Bible), and I am impressed with what a struggle is there for the rebuilding of God’s house. Because God’s people, Israel, disobeyed God and went after other gods, He brought in the Babylonians to take them as captives. God tried to warn them and draw them back, but they didn’t listen!

Jeremiah prophesied that the people of Israel will be in captivity for 70 years, and this happened exactly: king Cyrus released the people of Israel to return to their homeland and gave a decree to rebuild the temple and the city in Jerusalem. Strange though, not all the people of Israel returned to their land, but only a small number whose spirit was stirred up by God.

The Struggle for the Building

As I was reading the book of Ezra I realized that there’s such a fight, a struggle, for the rebuilding of God’s house! First there’s the enemies without, the people of the land, who “wanted to help with the building” but then turned against them and sent letters to the king to stop the building! Then there’s the enemies within, causing all kinds of hindrances to come in so that the temple and the city won’t be rebuilt…

In all these we see that God is operating behind the scenes with the help of some of His people who pray:

  • He prophesied through Jeremiah concerning the captivity and its end (Jer. 25:12-29),
  • He prayed in and through Daniel for the release of the captives to return to Israel (Dan. 6:10),
  • He stirred up Zerubbabel and the others to return (Ezra 2),
  • He spoke through the prophets Haggai and Zechariah to strengthen and encourage the people to continue rebuilding (Ezra 5:1),
  • He moved king Darius to strengthen those rebuilding (Ezra 6),

and this is only up to chapter 6 in Ezra! Hallelujah, within the outward human history God is working through the prayer and cooperation of some of His people that He may accomplish what He desires!

It is the same today – God’s people is in captivity in all kinds of religions, denominations, free groups, etc. Many of God’s people prosper there, and most of them got settled where they are….

Being the People God Needs Today

God needs some Daniels who pray one with the Lord for the return of His people to the proper ground of oneness. Some need to see God’s desire for His people to return, and they will rise up to pray!

God needs some Zerubbabel’s today, who are stirred up in their spirit to return to the land and the city God chose to put His name. Some need to take the lead to return to the local churches, to the ground of oneness, to do the rebuilding work.

God needs some Zechariah’s and Haggai’s, who strengthen and encourage the people to pray. The returned people are not “super-spiritual”, they are not too strong in their desire to rebuild… so God needs some who speak to them, who prophesy by speaking God’s word of encouragement and vision!

God needs some unbelievers who help the church people build the house of God. He will raise up people in the world who will help the saints in the local churches to rebuild the house of God.

God needs some Ezra’s who speak the word of God, impart an understanding of God’s desire into people, and help God’s people to be reconstituted with God’s word and His principles.

My general impression as I am reading this book is that there’s such a struggle when it comes to the rebuilding of God’s house. The enemy is without and within, and there are so many Babylonian elements in us that need to be dealt with…

May God really gain us as the Daniels who pray, the Zerubbabels who are stirred up to rebuild, the Zechariahs and Haggais who speak encouragement to God’s people, and the Ezras who know God’s word and impart a proper understanding of God’s desire into His people, so that the building work may continue!