Why and What should a Genuine Christian Blog?

Why and What should a Genuine Christian Blog?Blogging started as an online journal and now “everyone is blogging”. People blog, companies blog, and even bots blog – people write some programs that “automatically blog”. What once used to be a personal diary or online journal now it has been commercialized and even trivialized.

However, there’s a great value to blogging, and even though there are many blog posts out there entitled, “Why should a Christian blog?” here is my feeling on this subject.

Why should a Genuine Christian Blog?

First of all, what is a “genuine Christian”? The disciples of Christ were given this nickname as a contempt by the other people in Antioch (Acts 11:26); they were labelled as “followers of Christ”, or Christ-ians. Since then there were many who either are called by others or call themselves “Christians”.

A genuine Christian is a man or a woman who has received the Lord Jesus into his/her heart and who loves the Lord, enjoys Him, spends time with Him, grows in life, meets with other believers to be built up into the Body of Christ, and earnestly desires for the Lord Jesus to return. If you are such a one, then you are a genuine Christian.

So, why should a genuine Christian blog? Many people say, “If you believe in God and love God, you should keep it personal – don’t be public about it and don’t force it on others!” I have been told such a thing by someone who considered himself a Christian.

But then I did a search on google for, let’s say, the new Nexus 9 from google – and lo and behold, there are hundreds of people writing about this product even though they never saw it, touched it, or played with it. Basically, they write about something they never subjectively experienced.

Why would people write about such trivial things – and in such high volumes – and yet we won’t write about the Lord Jesus, the One we love? As genuine Christians we have touched the Lord, we have been touched by Him, we love Him, we enjoy Him, we love to read His word, and we love to meet with the fellow Christians. Why should we not testify about this?

Why allow so much “hot air”, bad news, and all that nonsense be published online – and we even “eat that garbage” by reading it – yet we don’t testify of our love for the Lord?

The main reason a genuine Christian should blog is because, if he is born again and enjoys Christ, he actually has something to say. Most of the blogging and writing out there is nonsense, stuff that in 1 year is completely out of date, hot air, words upon words, opinions (which change with time), and basically vanity of vanities.

There’s so much said about the things in the world, be it sports, cars, gadgets, etc, but what about speaking THE WORD, that is, speaking Christ? Christ Himself is the Word of God; He is the definition of God, the explanation of God (see John 1:1, 14), and this One is in us. If there’s something to be said and written on a blog, then it is the genuine Christians that can and should speak and write.

We actually have something to say, and it’s not our “feelings” or “opinions” or even “doctrines”; we have Christ, and Christ is being wrought into us and constituted into our being day by day as we enjoy Him and experience Him. And this Christ wants to just FLOW OUT – why won’t we let Him flow? Why wouldn’t we be those who have the tongue as the pen of a ready writer, ready to write our love for Him?

There are many other reasons why genuine Christians should blog, but the most important one is: use blogging for God’s sake. You may not be able to create a website, but you can blog and share your enjoyment and experience of Christ, and the earth will slowly be filled with the knowledge of God.

God needs ambassadors; He needs people like Peter and Paul who would speak and write His word. He needs some genuine Christians – maybe not ALL, but at least some – who would be willing to deny themselves and stand for God in this generation. God needs some genuine Christians who would just overflow with their enjoyment of Christ and would cut straight the word of the truth, being an anti-testimony to the polluted and degraded Christianity and corrupt and evil generation today.

What should a Genuine Christian Blog about?

When it comes to blogging, it is so easy to “blog about what you want”, that is, write about your experiences, what you learn from the Bible, your sufferings, etc. But what “I feel that a Christian should blog about” may NOT be what the Lord wants.

What does the Lord wants to flow out in words? Does He want to lower down the high gospel in the New Testament to your small experience? Does God really want you to establish your own ministry and grow the number of your followers? Does God really want to teach us concerning how to behave, how to raise up our children, how to choose right from wrong, etc?

A genuine Christian blogger should seek the Lord’s heart and be one with the Lord as he writes. Only what a blogger writes when he’s one with Christ is what matters. There are thousands of Christian bloggers, but so many write what they want, what they like, and what they think. Many water down the gospel and talk about worldly things.

Who would pay the price to write something in oneness with God, based upon the word of God and according to God’s economy which is in faith? Who would learn to deny himself to such an extent? Who learns to take up the cross (not merely write about taking up the cross) and follow the Lord, speaking His words, exercising his spirit in oneness with the Lord as the Spirit, and uttering words that convey not “Bible knowledge” but Christ Himself?

Who would be willing to get into the word of God, dive into the ministry of the apostles, be one with Christ as the Head, be in fellowship with the fellow members, live a normal Christian life and church life under the divine dispensing, and just flow out something of his enjoyment and experience of Christ?

It seems that I’m not explicitly saying what should a genuine Christian blog about but rather ask questions. It is good to check with yourself, if you’re burdened to blog something:

Lord, what about my blogging? Do I express You, or do I just express myself and show others how much I know and experience? Lord Jesus, do You get all the glory or do I seek a following and recognition? Lord, are these Your words or are they worldly expression and thoughts which I use “for God’s glory”? Lord Jesus, is this You as the Word of God being expressed through me, or do I just write because I have to write and I want to write? Is this blog post, this article, or this review something that leads others into Your enjoyment and Your experience?

With questions and prayers such as these as a basis, here are some things that I think that genuine Christians can and should blog about:

  • Testify of their enjoyment of Christ. Not of how much they read or what Christian author they appreciate, but their enjoyment of Christ. This means that they have to enjoy the Lord, spend time with Him, be filled with Him, and then overflow something out. Example: see this article.
  • Testify of their enjoyment in the church life. The church life is glorious; it is here that we have a foretaste of the New Jerusalem. Where are the genuine testimonies of experiencing Christ in the church life as the Body of Christ? Where are the divine and mystical experiences of Christ that lead to the building up of the Body of Christ consummating in the New Jerusalem? Who pays the price to seek the Lord for such experiences, and who can testify a little of this? Examples: see this website.
  • Praying, singing, and psalming – if we enjoy the Lord, there’s much prayers, praises, singing, and psalming, both in our heart and as an overflow in writing. If we enjoy THE WORD of God in the church as the pillar and base of the truth, there’s a new song being composed, there are prayers as active responses to the Lord’s speaking, and there is singing with psalming. Who utters genuine prayers of being one with Christ to respond to His word in the Bible? Who allows the word of Christ to dwell in him so richly that there’s a song coming out as a crystallization and overflow of his enjoyment? Example: see hymnal.net.
  • Cutting straight the word of the truth. Not just doctrines, not merely blogging the word of God (which is very good – quoting the Scriptures is excellent!), but writing under the divine light as those who are governed by the vision of God’s economy and are saturated by the Holy Word of God. Who knows what the ministry of the apostles is? Who is one with the unique and genuine ministry in the New Testament and cuts straight the word of the truth by writing truth-filled blog posts that both help you grow in life and give you nuggets of the gold from the word of God? Who speaks of God’s economy and ministers not merely letters but life?
  • Christ-filled and Spirit-filled multimedia like: pictures, videos, singing, etc. Who takes pictures and edits them to post God’s word and God’s economy with quotes from the Bible or from the ministry of the age to edify the reader? We need more multimedia that is not about the quality of the video or the sound but they minister Christ into the listener. We need more new Scripture songs, more new hymns that are filled with enjoyment, truth, and life. Example: see this website.

…and the list goes on. Who would pay such a price? Where will the Lord gain a people who would deny themselves both in their daily life and in their online life to the extent that Christ is manifested through them, whether through their daily living or through their blogging?

Do You Live Your Life in a Bubble or in Reality?

I’ve been pondering over this subject these days, especially as I see things happening in parts of the world and also in my life. Sometimes you live your life in a certain way, and then just like that, something happens, and you realize you’ve been living in a lie, a “bubble”, a realm that you created for yourself and which is comfortable, pleasant, and so nice…

You can call “the American dream” a bubble (which “popped” a while ago: there’s NO such thing as an American dream) and you can call the movies “a bubble”… But I’ve been thinking about it, and here’s my conclusion: all men live in a self-made and self-built bubble until they meet Christ and live in their mingled spirit. Let me explain.

What is a Bubble?

Do You Live Your Life in a Bubble or in Reality?

I would define “a bubble” (in the sense used in this article) as a realm, a situation, an environment, a feeling, something that one builds around himself so that he would feel good, comfortable, and cozy. I’m not talking about “all pink and rosy” in your situation, but something and some things that some people do and buy and make so that they would feel good – and at the end they realize it’s empty and meaningless.

You can call Y2K a bubble – the hype of the dot com and websites and stuff; you can say that Steve Jobs lived in a self-made bubble called “reality distortion field“, you can call the stock market a bubble; and you can call the real estate market a bubble. But here are some more practical examples, more specifically:

The Techno-Bubble - More and more people today live in a techno-bubble, surrounding themselves with gadgets like smartphones, iPhones, iPod's, iPads, tablets, computers, screens, computer games, etc.The Techno-Bubble – More and more people today live in a techno-bubble, surrounding themselves with gadgets like smartphones, iPhones, iPod’s, iPads, tablets, computers, screens, computer games, etc. Basically, people prefer to spend more time in front of a screen playing or relaxing / taking in something, instead of spending time with others or with God. They all know “it’s all virtual” and when something breaks they realize, Wow, it can all collapse JUST LIKE THAT! A new smartphone is coming out. A new pair of more expensive headphones and a new version of a PC game / X-box game is coming out, and you have to have it. Virtual things like games, movies, screens, become “more real” than people, a job, sports, travelling, etc. Truth be told, all this is just “a bubble”, a dream, a fad. When that iPhone breaks, when you finish the game, when the computer is too slow, etc – you realize, wow, it’s all so vain!

living in the sports bubbleThe Sports Bubble – some people love watching and following sports. In Europe, South America, and more and more in the USA also, people follow and are excited about football (soccer). They pay a big price to go to watch the game of their favorite team, and most times it loses. They pay big money for a seat, they buy the T-shirts, the scarf, the hat, the magazine, etc. They check the news every 10 minutes to see if there’s anything new. They think it’s real, that the team goes on because they cheer – but it’s all “a bubble”. There’s millions of sterling pounds in the British football, and millions of people who earn barely enough to live from one day to another spend their last quid on a ticket to the game or something to “support their team”. They become enemies with some and “fans with others” because of a team.

But then they travel somewhere, or they get married, or something happens – and they “wake up”: it’s a dream, it’s something unreal, a fad, NOTHING!

The Cars Bubble - Maybe you don't love technology or sports, but you love cars. The Cars Bubble – Maybe you don’t love technology or sports, but you love cars. You watch all the car races, you check out all the new cars coming out, you’re a big fan of Sports Gear, you love your car and desire to buy another one that’s better, and you love tuning your car to make it look, sound, and work cool. There’s better and cooler cars coming out all the time, and the hype is being upheld by events and announcements of new stuff. Or maybe you like old cars, with almost nothing electric in them – their shape, the engine power, the style, the leather, etc… Or maybe you prefer motorcycles – not just as means of transportation, but as design, fashion, style, speed, brand, looks….

There’s so much I don’t know about cars, but I met some “car enthusiasts” who knew since they were 12 that as soon as they will be 18 or 19 they will “buy a beamer”. But then a car crash can happen, or money is not enough and you have to sell the car, or you are just to busy with other things, and “the car dream” / the car “bubble” is gone…

The Fashion Bubble - There's something about fashion that attracts most young onesThe Fashion Bubble – There’s something about fashion that attracts most young ones. When you walk on the streets in Central London you see all kinds of designs and fashion clothes on people. Almost everyone wants to make a statement by what they wear. There’s even an ad, “Fashion is us!” and many live by this code. They just can’t wear certain colors, and this doesn’t match with that, and they can’t get out of the house at particular times because they don’t have the right clothes. The home of many people don’t matter (how disorganized they are) but when they get out the door, they look like super-stars and actors in movies or on the catwalk. The hair style, the clothes, the shoes, the purses, the ear rings, the jewelry, the “colors they put on their face”, the eyebrows, the nails, the lips, the tattoos  the piercings, and every part of the being is carefully taken care of, designed, fashioned, and “hacked”.

But then they have to go to work or to school, and they have to behave normally, and all that fashion is just a dream you pay too high a price to enjoy too little of a time. When you touch the Lord, there’s something inside that just doesn’t LIKE or WANT fancy stuff or stylish clothes…

Music Bubble - "talking to fellow commuters is overrated; listening to music is the new thing" is a statement all make on public transport or any travelling means. People rarely NOT listen to something or watch somethingMusic Bubble – “talking to fellow commuters is overrated; listening to music is the new thing” is a statement all make on public transport or any travelling means. People rarely NOT listen to something or watch something. They need to be “plugged in”, they need to be in a playlist carefully selected and played again and again, so that the very-well-known-tunes would sound in their being…. Children and young people, the young ones who don’t even have a job yet or know how to earn a living, they all are up-to-date with the latest in music and they listened to everything. Their playlist and digital collection exceeds even the wildest thoughts of the adults, and the way they get the tracks doesn’t even matter. Music is a big bubble – whenever there’s a spare time or a boring moment, the earphones go in and music plays. There’s not even a second thought about it. It’s a drug people love to take both publicly and individually.

And it is unreal – no matter how much you think you “identify yourself with the lyrics”, you’re a human being with a human spirit created not to be defiled by most music out there but filled with the pure and true God. Music makes you feel you’re invincible, in the heavens, etc – ONLY when you listen to it (and most times not even then). It’s all fake; it’s a bubble you create around the real problems in your life to forget about them and procrastinate.

Movies, Multimedia, Internet, Facebook, etc… – there’s so many other things that we tailor to our situation, things we try to escape into so that we forget about what we have to do or “just relax”. The hours people spend on Facebook, Twitter, watching movies, or in multimedia cause them to “feel good” – and yet it’s all “a bubble”, a drug people take to escape the real world. It’s almost as if people don’t use “physical hallucinogenic substances” but they run after psychological and self-made drugs offered by the world today…

Do You Live in a Bubble?

There are so many other types of bubbles, including research (yes, research can become the “dope” creating and feeding your bubble), gaining knowledge, religion, philosophy  working hard, money, sex, alcohol, drugs, parties, gangs, etc. If people would just step back and think about it, I mean, really think about their human life, many of them would wake up.

Even as believers many times we “create our own bubbles”, living a certain life with a certain attitude at work or school, while performing differently at home, in the church life, or towards particular groups of people. We may delight in spending time travelling or watching stuff, being in the “Facebook bubble” or “music bubble” ourselves. Or maybe we find a “denomination bubble”, having a strong label and refusing to connect or fellowship with any other believers.

Maybe we never blend – we never visit other believers, never fellowship with others, and we’re content “with our own group, which fully matches our taste”. Maybe we live in a bubble called “never-preaching the gospel” but rather “meeting only” or “only enjoying Christ by myself”.

Oh, how much we need the Lord to SHINE on us, break through any bubble, and reach us with His X-ray light that penetrates everything! In His light we see light.

Some Cases of “Living in a Bubble” in the Bible

  • In the times of Noah, though Noah was preaching the gospel and he was an anti-testimony to that age by continually working on building an ark, most of the people of his age lived in a bubble. They ate, drank, married and gave in marriage, and the flood just came upon them all of a sudden. They saw Noah, but they never repented or considered their situation….
  • Job lived in a self-righteous bubble: he did “everything according to the book”, and he really thought that God loves him and blesses him only because he is “so righteous”. That is, until God allowed Satan to touch his possessions, his family, and even his own body. What “popped the bubble” was God’s appearing – Job had to repent in dust and ashes at God’s appearing…
  • The people of Israel lived “in a bubble” by neglecting God and His laws. This is why God “kept poking their bubble” by sending the prophets to speak to them, warn them, turn them, and remind them. But they became more hardened in heart as time went by, and their hardness of heart went further and further until they cried out, “Let His blood fall upon us and upon our children!” (speaking of the Only Innocent Man that lived on the earth, which they crucified). They still live in a bubble, thinking it’s because of their cleverness and patriotism that Israel was reformed, and they refuse to believe in the Lord Jesus as the Christ, the Messiah, until the Lord Jesus will return on the clouds in the heavens and then all will see Him and will repent!
  • The entire world was living in a bubble, including Nebuchadnezzar and all his magicians / wise men; only Daniel and his friends were serving the living God and they lived in reality by touching God and praying to Him. They knew God’s word, joined themselves to His desire in His Word, and they stood against the whole “gold head” of the “great human image” in Daniel 2. Wow!
  • Saul of Tarsus lived in a zealous bubble, thinking he does a great service to God by persecuting the Christians. That is, until God met Him on the way to Damascus, and Christ as the Head of the Body unveiled Saul to see that He and His believers are one. Since then, Paul lived in reality more and more….

How can we Live in Reality?

How can we Live in Reality?As soon as the Lord shines on a self-made bubble and we return to Him, we start creating yet another bubble. He may turn us from one side to the other, changing everything in our life, and we will seek Him in the beginning – but then we create another bubble, something that makes our soul feel happy.

The Bubble is our soul-life, something that matches the desires and pleasures of our fallen soul. And there are so many of them! So, how can we live in reality? There’s a song that says, “May Thy living light, Lord, / Scatter all my night, Lord! / And everything make bright, Lord, / For this I pray to Thee!”

We think we see but we are blind. We think we understand but we have no idea what’s happening. We think we know but we don’t. We need God’s light to shine on us again and again and again, until we will walk in the light. It’s in the light that you see things clearly.

And this light is in our spirit, because we are joined to the Lord as one spirit. As soon as we enter into the sanctuary of God in our spirit, as soon as we touch the living Person of Christ in our mingled spirit, we KNOW, we SEE, and we UNDERSTAND. It’s because Christ is the reality, and God is True. He is real.

Everything else and everyone else is fake, but God IS! In our spirit, in the touch with God, in the organic union with Him, we live in reality and not in a bubble. And This One enables us to live the human life and the Christian life according to Him – as we turn to and live in our spirit!

What we can see outwardly, what we can hear with our ears, what we can taste with our mouth, what we can touch with our hands, and what we can feel is NOT real; it is here temporarily, but it is as unreal as we as human beings are. The real things, the reality, the genuineness of human beings and of the universe is in God, and God as Spirit is joined to the believers’ spirit.

When we touch our spirit, we touch the meaning of the universe, the reality of our human existence, and the mystery of our human life. When we touch our spirit we begin to really live! In the Spirit with our spirit (1 Cor. 6:17) we have the life that is really life – the real life, the divine life, the life that passes through death and into resurrection and lives and is real… and this divine life is in us, wanting to live and be expressed through us…

[pictures credit: bubble, gadgets, sports, cars, fashion, music, bubble pop]

This article is to be continued – I am still learning to allow the Lord to shine on me daily… Please do share your thoughts / conclusions on this matter, if you managed to get this far in this extremely long article…

Is the Time You Spend on Facebook a Waste of Time?

Is the Time You Spend on Facebook a Waste of Time?Facebook. That website that was so cool a few years ago and now everyone is on it. The place where you go and spend a lot of your time online. The main website for millions of people who are online.

The app you keep checking when a new notification shows up on your phone. The place where you post how bored you are, what you ate, where you went, etc. The place where there’s lots of pictures, lots of videos, lots of friends, etc. Have you ever wondered,

Is Facebook Really a Big Waste of Time? For me, is Facebook a waste of time?

What is Facebook?

Everyone knows what Facebook is. It is a website where you go and put a profile picture, you edit your school and information, you add pictures, you post statuses, you poke others, you connect with friends, etc.

It is the place where you meet with old friends (or old enemies), where you have no idea what’s going on but there’s lots of stuff happening. The where there are a lot of pages to like, lots of groups to join, lots of games to play, and apparently a lot is going on. It’s the place the seemingly “connects you with the whole world”. It’s the place where you can create a virtual profile of your best self, posting only the best pictures and things about yourself, where you can be virtually perfect.

A place where boys stalk girls and vice-versa. A place where parents go to check up on their children and family. A place that makes you envious and desirous to have another’s life and situation. A networking website, with all it entails. Eye opening yet so limiting. A walled garden (google or any website or person can’t see your profile unless you allow them to). The place with very complicated privacy settings. The place that continually changes and exposes more of your information even without your permission. A place where the whole world meets together. A very evil place.

How Much Time are You on Facebook?

For most of us facebook is THE INTERNET. The place where you go to see what your friends are doing. The place where others post all the cool videos (like this kid who is amazing in basketball shooting) and pictures. The place where you chat with your friends or stalk people you would like to talk to. The place where you can play games, where you’re bombarded with invitations to play this or that game, where you can poke others, like pictures and statuses, comment about stuff, etc.

It’s the website where we spend a lot of our internet time and yet accomplish nothing. We sometimes spend hours checking out this and that, and we have no idea how time went by. If you were to check with yourself or even time yourself, how much time do you spend on Facebook daily?

Do You Waste Your Time by Being on Facebook?

I’m not gonna ask you WHAT are you doing on facebook, but I can ask you one question – which I am also asking myself: Do you waste your time by being on Facebook? Is my being on facebook, checking this and that, a waste of time? I have to admit that for the past 3-4 years much of my time has been wasted on Facebook. Too much time. And not only me: I look around and I see so many people just wasting time doing nothing but “being on facebook”.

Do You Waste Your Time by Being on Facebook?

I got to the point that I took it to the Lord personally and I consecrated my time on Facebook to Him. Yes, I do have >3500 friends on Facebook, but do I waste my time and their time by being friends on Facebook? What do I do on Facebook? How can I redeem the time by being on Facebook?

Redeeming the Time While Using Facebook

We all need to bring the matter of being on Facebook to the Lord.

Lord, how can I redeem the time while being on Facebook? It is necessary to be there from time to time, but how can I redeem this time? How can I go against my natural disposition and tendency to just skim through things, check out stuff, and let time go by without gaining You…?

You may even take the decision to NOT be on Facebook for a few weeks – you will see, you won’t miss much stuff, but you may rather LIVE more in reality (than in a virtual bubble called Facebook). Here are some ways that I discovered I can not only NOT waste time on Facebook but USURP Facebook by using this evil and time-wasting website for the Lord:

  • PRAY about your time on Facebook. First of all, Pray. Don’t DO something. Pray, Lord, what am I doing here? What do You want me to do here? Lord, is this a waste of my time and Your time? Lord, I want to gain You more in this time. Lord Jesus, my friends. I want them to know You! – mention your friends to the Lord! When you see something, pray about it. When a picture or a video or a status shows up in your feed, pray for that person. Mingle your being on facebook with prayer.
  • Daily post something that you enjoy in the Bible. It takes courage to stand for the Lord on Facebook. Others may label you, talk about you, criticize you, etc. But we need to force ourselves to testify to our friends, relatives, and acquaintances:  I love the Lord, I love His Word, I am a Christian, and I am a God-man! Share a verse. A song. A portion in the footnotes. Something that touched you. Share your enjoyment of Christ. Be real on Facebook: testify of your real enjoyment!
  • Like the right kind of pages + share their status updates. Have you ever heard of, The Mystery of the Human life? Also: Lord Jesus I love You – I really Love You! And, AgeTurners. Living To Him. Bibles for America. Free Christian Literature. Truth and Experience. Each One Has. Christians on Campus. Here’s a link for some of the Christians on Campus facebook pages. How about, Christian Blogs. Agodman.com. Pray-reading the Word. Conferences – Mingling is the Way. There are SO MANY OF THEM! Like them, comment, share their statuses.
  • USE Facebook to Usurp Facebook. Facebook is a networking website – when you “like” a status / photo / link, your friends will see it. You don’t even need to talk about it – just preach the gospel to your friends by liking the right stuff. Like the saints’ statuses, pictures of saints and families, young people’s meetings, etc. Comment on the right kind of things. Avoid certain people, mute others, unsubscribe from some who don’t help you be in your spirit while being on Facebook.
  • Use the Groups! Get together with companions in a group on Facebook and pray together. Encourage one another. Ask them to pray for you. Bible reading schedules. Ministry readings and stuff. Use lettheword.com and excellentbeliever.com. Get yourself surrounded by seeking companions and pursue the Lord together.
  • Choose Your Friends Carefully. This is so true on Facebook – don’t “hang out” by listening and checking out the friends that don’t pursue the Lord. This doesn’t mean you should “live in a Christian bubble”, but rather pray for your friends. Don’t like / comment on some things that the Lord within doesn’t want you to – pray for your friends. Even unsubscribe or unfriend some friends who are so bold to be atheistic or against God / moral things. Pray about this. Do this with the Lord as He leads you within.
  • Affiliate Yourself with the Saints. Don’t shy away from your fellow companions. Put pictures with the saints; seek to have MORE pictures with the saints than with your classmates. Our real social life is the church life, and we love being with those who eat, drink, and breathe in Jesus. Be joined to them. Testify of your enjoyment. Your worldly friends are carefully checking you out – if you stand with the saints, they will respect you and even desire to join you. I was surprised how some of my worldly friends know the names of the saints – because I post pictures with the saints!
  • LIKE and share good articles on Facebook. Yes, related to health. Sometimes even something funny. But most of all, like and share articles from the saints’ blogs and websites. I made a collection of the saints’ websites via agodman.com. Share your enjoyment and use the “like” button on their website to LIKE and SHARE the saints’ enjoyment!
  • Don’t be “over the top” for God. Be absolute for Him inwardly, but when you post and express yourself on Facebook, don’t be too much. Learn to be human. Do all things together with the Lord. Don’t be the preacher, the teacher, but a normal Christian. It’s good to ask questions related to your human life. It’s good to chat with your friends, visit their profile, like statuses and pictures, and interact. But do all things with the Lord. Seek to be one with Him in all your being on Facebook.
  • LIMIT Your time on Facebook. Facebook is definitely part of the trend of the age, the flow of dissolution, the evil river flowing into the lake of fire, and the youthful lusts. Limit yourself, even time your being on facebook. In this matter don’t even consult the Lord – as a human being you need to take care of certain things like school, study, work, exercise, meeting, rest, etc. Make sure these take priority, and then Facebook. Learn to make a schedule, and limit your being on Facebook. Don’t worry, you won’t miss much!
  • Fellowship with your Christian friends outside of Facebook. Use facebook to set a time, and get together physically / via phone to talk and pray. Pray for your being on Facebook. Read the Word. Be sanctified. Learn to FLEE together. Learn to NOT drink of what Facebook has to offer. Be vigilant. Be one with the 300 in Gideon’s army today. Be an overcomer!
  • Fellowship with other saints and even older ones: how can we use Facebook for the Lord? Don’t keep it extremely personal and private – fellowship about it. We need much more encouragement on this line, and more fellowship on how to not be usurped by Facebook but rather use it for the Lord.

… and many other ways. In everything, fellowship with the Lord, and ask Him to shine on you.

O Lord Jesus, One with You While Browsing Facebook!

Make sure the first thing in the morning is NOT Facebook but your personal touch with the Lord. The last thing I do at night should NOT be Facebook, but opening to the Lord and touching Him in His word and prayer. Disable the notifications when your friends post. Disable as many notifications as possible. Don’t allow Facebook to bother you.

We need to learn to be on guard, ready for the enemy’s attack while being on Facebook. We love the Lord much more than we love Facebook. Let’s cultivate our love for Him, and ask Him to make us His overcomers. We want to be the dispensational instrument in God’s hand that ends this age and brings Him back! We want that in everything, including our time on Facebook, we would be one with the Lord!

PS. Apologies for the length of the article. Still, there will be MORE on this subject – this is just a little I have to share for now.

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Paying Attention to the News that are Really News

Paying Attention to the News that are Really NewsIt used to be that you need to wait until you get the newspaper to find out what’s going on in the world. It used to be that only at set times during the day there were news on radio or TV.

And people were absorbing what the news stations / agencies had to give them. Word by word, they were “the news” to them.

But now it’s all changed. “The news” are coming to you. They are everywhere, you just need to have one of those smartphones. Or be online. Or look around.

The News are Coming to You!

The news are now breaking on twitter and they are on Facebook. You just need to know who to follow on twitter and what Facebook pages you need to be a fan of. You can have alerts on the breaking news, and you can download apps for every news agency in the world.

You can view TV news on your smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet, wherever you are and at any time. They are recorded and put online. And there’s lots and lots of news.

So This is what You Call News?

What are we being fed? What is today considered as being news? Here are some of the kinds of things we find out through the “news websites”:

  • News about wars, revolutions, social unrest, shootings, killings, evil people doing evil things. Are these news? Same things happened since the world began, and every year they happen again and again, only their intensity and frequency differ. The actors, location, nation, and details are different, but it’s the same “news”: things are really bad, no matter where you are.
  • News about politics, parties, corruption, lies, shame, dishonesty, immorality, etc. These are NOT news; rather, they are just like the first category, the “more refined and cultured” expression of the sinful human nature. There is NO way for a politician to be true to his beliefs and ideology, which change as time goes by since he wants to please the masses. He is never moral, not a pattern, but a sinner like the rest of us. Why are you still surprised?
  • Gossip, celebrity news, relationships, and other stuff. Most teenagers and young people feed on this. This one got together with that one, and that one broke up with that one. This one became pregnant, the other one was caught with drugs, another one was shot, etc. There are websites dedicated to this, and it is pleasing to the flesh of some people to just browse them and subscribe. Again, this is NOT news: in 2 years from now they are old, not valuable, and forgotten.
  • Tech News: new gadgets coming out, thinner phones, higher technologies, better operating systems, more apps, more games, etc. There’s google with their search engine, but then there’s the social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which have no value except a lot of users, so google makes google+ to match them! There are websites dedicated to “reviewing the gadgets” and “talking about tech news”. Newer technologies and newer phones coming out, and the one you buy as NEW today is old in a month. This is NOT news: it’s just “hot air”, people speaking of things which have NO value. In 2 months what someone writes today has NO value, and even the principles of reviewing and writing change.
  • News about other topics: nature, climate change, cars, books, culture, cooking, people, health, wedding, marriage, shopping, children, young people, parents, gaming, photography, programming, spirituality, atheism, science, the universe, etc. They may present certain information which seem so real and true, and in a few years “science discovers a new thing” which annuls all the previous things. We’re being cheated. New things make the old obsolete. New photographers or coders make the previous ones look old and infantile. Something’s wrong!
  • News Analysis: there are some websites that do great reviews and analysis of the REAL news, having some deep insights of why wars and insurrections happen (see stratfor.com), etc. You read one article there and you think you know what’s happening, and why the terrorists do what they do, etc. But then another article comes out, with a longer review, and you realize: I’m wasting my time reading stuff that will change tomorrow anyways, and all they do is expose man’s evil nature in its intricacies…

These are not all the news out there – whatever your preference is, there’s “news” about that. The question still remains: are these really news? They are new for a moment, an instance, and then they are old news, something that occupies your memory (if you allow them to reside there). Then another piece of news come, and… so on.

All these so-called news are merely hot air. The more they bombard us and try to get us, the more we are filled with dung flies which make us itchy, nervous, and hungry for things which are not real.

What is Really News?

Video news. Text news. Picture news. Breaking news. World news. National news. Local news. Friends news feed. Family news. Animal news. Nature news. Climate news. Your personal news.Video news. Text news. Picture news. Breaking news. World news. National news. Local news. Friends news feed. Family news. Animal news. Nature news. Climate news. Your personal news.

What is news? What is really something that can feed you, constitute you, make you better, inform you, take you on, and make you a human being that is properly informed of what is really going on?

Believe me, I check the so-called news daily, and the above categories are just some of a “system of news” designed to get your attention, pester you, make you thirst for them, and never be satisfied but rather be drugged and be unreal, not genuine. What really is news? What is GOING ON today in this world?

God’s Move today is the Real News!

Behind the human history – which is outwardly, in your face, hitting you everywhere and trying to get into you without asking for your permission or warning you of its side-effects – there is another history. God is operating behind the scenes. The real news today is that God is moving. The real news is the Good News: God coming into man to be one with man and move in man to gain the whole earth for God!

I think I am seeing something about this. No matter the age, the country, the people, the culture, the gender, or the situation, there is one thing that is constant: God has an economy, and He is moving toward a goal, to CLOSE THIS AGE. He wants to end the age of grace, the age of mystery, and bring in the age of the kingdom.

Paul saw this; Peter saw this; thousands of seeking believers see this, and all genuine Christians have a yearning inside, Come, Lord Jesus! This is the news – God’s need for overcomers who become the dispensational instrument to terminate this age and bring in the kingdom age.

God is moving, steadily, in every country, among all kinds of people, and He is gaining something real and solid in the hearts of men. God’s move is not in “the news” today, but that’s what is really going on.

He is moving in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. He is moving especially in Europe; He is doing something secret yet solid in the Arab countries, and He will regain a shining lampstand in Jerusalem. And the Lord Jesus will return. Do you SEE this?

Pay Attention to the News that are Really News!

What shall we say when we have so many thousands of witnesses testifying to us: go on, gain Christ, grow in life, and become an overcomer, to end this age!?! When we see God’s move, His desire, His working in and through human history…. and we see the locusts eating people up, devouring man’s flesh, crawling everywhere, at any time, and in any space – we just need to give ourselves to the Lord to be one spirit with Him in His move today!

Don’t miss God’s move! In Abraham’s age there was only he that God moved through. In every age God has only one move, and today we are in His ultimate move, to bring in the age of the kingdom. Don’t miss it. Be connected to the news that are really news, and make sure you know what’s really going on.

Don’t be drugged, preoccupied, drunken with what the world has to offer, or stupefied with the “news” today. Exercise your spirit, be one spirit with the Lord, stay in the coordination with the other saints in the church life, and move one with God’s move!

Don’t just “watch the news” or “read the news”, but “make the news” by praying at the incense altar one with Christ for the great wheel of God’s economy to move on earth! Grow in life by daily enjoying Christ, ask the Lord to produce you as an overcomer, and firmly believe that He will do it!

It is through a small group of people that God will change this age. Oh, may we be among those who know their God and rise up to take action! May we be those who are consecrated to Him for His move today! May we be those continually de-toxified from what the ruler of this world infuses in the system of the world today, and be fully one with God to Make the News that are Really News: God’s Move on Earth today!

Pictures credit: Breaking News and News (online).

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing. Dealing with Frustrations

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing and Dealing with FrustrationsSome people are frustrated by traffic (because they drive a lot), others by their classmates (since they are in school), and others… by the most advanced web browser out there! Let me try to explain the problem here… [picture credit: frustrated man (not me, obviously!)]

Once upon a time there was ONLY Internet Explorer, and there were many many toolbars you could add to this browser, until eventually it became a terrible browsing experience. I am talking about browsing the internet, by the way. Then, along came Firefox Mozilla (among other alternative browsers), and it was so slick – no toolbars, but rather simple, clean, loads fast, updates regularly, has themes, plugins, etc… Mozilla was amazing in its time.

And then again, Google comes with Chrome. At one point Mozilla was just freezing my PC, eating up all my memory, and it loaded so slow… even after disabling the plugins and auxiliary stuff, still slow. Chrome, on the other hand, top notch: quick, simple, no toolbar, clean, easy to load, no problem! Chrome was and is still the best internet browser out there, not only because of its safety and security but also its speed, cleanness, etc.

Daily Frustration: Life with Chrome

All nice and good, but at one point Chrome started loading slow, encouraging me to “kill some pages”, eating up all my memory…. In other words, the most amazing and the coolest browser in the world (in which I spend approx. 8h per day, since it’s my job) is now slowing down my PC, causing me to “kill the Chrome processes” from the Task Manager, and just frustrating me…. Here are some pictures, to see what I’m talking about:

Life with Chrome: 2.93GB Page File Usage! WOW!

Life with Chrome: 2.93GB Page File Usage! WOW!

Also: the number of processes Chrome generates (all named, Chrome, duh!) eat up my CPU, my memory usage, etc….

Life without Chrome: 1% CPU, 692MB Page File Usage

Life without Chrome: 1% CPU, 692MB Page File Usage

And we’re back to Photoshop taking up most of my memory space.

It’s not about how many tabs you have opened in Chrome (10 in the normal one and 10 in the incognito mode), but it’s about… the memory it eats up, the page file usage, the processes loaded, and the slowing down of my PC….

What is the Solution to This Frustration?

Such a good thing as Google chrome, giving me such a headache, every day! There are two sides to the solution of the problem:

  1. Google needs to sort out this issue! And as for me, at least once or twice per day I need to restart the browser. Reload all the tabs. And start all over again. Patiently…. and regularly!
  2. Why does this affect ME? Why am I frustrated? It’s something outward, but it can inwardly frustrate me. The way to deal with frustration is to turn to a living Person, the Lord Jesus, who is in my spirit! He is my life, my peace, and my joy!

The best solution to being released from frustrations is not to try to deal with them directly but to turn to the Lord and contact Him! When I call on His name, when I just take a break from the browser & from work, and I just touch Him, inwardly the frustration is gone! The browser may still be stuck, frozen, and not moving, but there’s no more frustration inwardly!

Touching Jesus is what Really Matters

Daily there are so many things, people, situations, and matters that frustrate us, wear us out, and put us down. But we can turn to the Lord by calling on His name and praying to Him, and inwardly we are filled with life and peace (Rom. 8:6). Outwardly the situation and people may not change, but inwardly we enjoy peace, life abundantly, and so much joy.

Who would have ever thought that the solution to the Chrome Freezing Problem is Calling on the Lord? I think that having a time with the Lord in the morning will definitely help you remember to turn to Him and enjoy Him in every situation!

… how about YOU? Do you have an experience of dealing with frustrations – by touching the Lord? Did you apply this key + get some life and peace?

Hello world! This is Stefan :)

Hello everyone. I was thinking, What is the Purpose of this Website? Isn’t agodman.com or stefan4m on twitter enough?

On this website my intention is to write about things that I am interested in. Yes, I am interested in God, I love the Lord Jesus, and I exercise my spirit to love the Lord, but there are some other things I tangentially am involved with, as a normal human being… and hopefully we will see more videos, songs, testimonies, experiences, pictures, social media stuff, online stuff, and all kinds of things via this website.