About Stefan

Hi. My name is Stefan Misaras. This is my blog / website, a place where I intend to compile a lot of things about me, what I do, the pictures I take, what I enjoy, what I kind of accomplish, etc.

First of all, I am originally from Romania, and now I live, work, and meet in London, UK. Quite a difference between these two countries… but I am glad to be here, since I feel that’s where the Lord wants me to be for the time being.

Stefan and Rebecca Misaras :)I am married 🙂 and my beloved wife loves the Lord and loves me, and I am so happy the Lord brought us together. It is one thing to be married to your best friend, to the one you love, etc, and it is something much more precious and valuable to actually be led by the Lord in this, and to have the life-and-peace feeling in the Body of Christ concerning your marriage. May the Lord accomplish the latter in my family life! Read our story and leave us a comment on our “wedding website” here.

This “About” page is continually being written. I don’t know myself. I get to know myself as I spend time with the Lord, as I work, as I live, as I travel, and as the Lord exposes me of who I really am. I think I’m alright. I think I’m doing pretty good. And then the Lord really shines and exposes me, and I see how much I need Him – without Him, I am nothing!

I just love the Lord! Read more about me via my about.me page, and enjoy the Lord with me by following the agodman.com website – daily portions from my enjoyment of Christ.



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