Recovery Version Bible: Why I Love it and How I came to Know It

Recovery Version New Testament  is available FOR FREE! [in the picture: the Holy Bible, Recovery Version]There are many versions of the Bible Recovery Version Bible is one of the latest one – and if you’re a seeking believer, you will do a lot of research and study of the word of God. I was born in Romania, and as I grew up my parents instilled in me a love for the Bible. They even tell me that when I was five-six years old they would find me in the morning at 6-7 am reading my small printed Bible, which I treasured.

I loved the stories in the Bible, the history, the psalms, the law of God, and most of all, the New Testament. I mean, in what other book can you find a definition and explanation of such an amazing God? Even when man sinned and went far away from God, He still loved man and did everything to gain man back to Him. It’s amazing how Abraham was called by God and how God chose Israel to be His people, and how throughout the centuries there has been a lot of problems in their relationship – yet God still loved them!

And then, in the New Testament, you see so much more: God chose some who were not Jews to be His people, the church! Wow! In the Gospels we see that God became a man, lived a perfect human life on earth, died an all-inclusive death on the cross, resurrected, and then ascended to the heavens. Then, He came as the life-giving Spirit and He regenerates many believers for His Body, His expression on the earth. Now God has a spiritual people, the church, which are His chosen ones…Wow, I just love the Bible!

The Many Translations of the Bible

Coming back to the text of the Bible and my experience. As I grew up I read many versions of the Bible (in Romanian we had 3 or 4), and I loved to see what's the difference [in the picture: Biblia, traducerea Cornilescu]Coming back to the text of the Bible and my experience. As I grew up I read many versions of the Bible (in Romanian we had 3 or 4), and I loved to see what’s the difference. The newer a translation was, the more you got out of the text. Then, after I learned English and got in touch with people in the English-speaking world, I got to have a few versions of the Bible.

I got a King James version, a New King James version, a New International Version, a Darby Version, etc. And then I got a Palm and later a Pocket PC, and with e-sword I managed to get as many as 30-40 versions of the Bible, including the Greek New Testament, an interlinear (Greek-English, printed copy), the Vulgata, French versions, etc.

The meanings of the words in Greek are so much richer than English or even Romanian can express, so I had a friend who would sometimes explain the meaning of a word like “spirit” (pneuma in Gk), and I just loved the Lord and the word much more! I really appreciate all the versions of the Bible, and I wouldn’t insist on a certain version being better than another one.

Until I got my hands on a very precious Recovery Version of the New Testament, sometimes in the early 2000’s. Wow, when I started reading the text, first of all I understood it – it’s plain, simple, in good English! Then there are footnotes, and sometimes the footnotes are even longer than the verses – they really go deeper into the meaning of the Word of God in the light of God’s plan, His economy. I have never loved the Word of God so much as from the time I got a Holy Bible Recovery Version!

Recovery Version Bible: Why I love it

Recovery Version Bible: Why I love it [in the picture: the New Testament, Recovery Version]I love the Lord, and I love His Word. Yet many times, no matter how much I love the Lord and even “how smart I am”, I just can’t get certain meanings or connections between verses and chapters in the Bible. I need help. I need someone to kind of point the way and give me a deeper meaning. I read books by C.H. Mackintosh, J. N. Darby, Charles Spurgeon, Hudson Taylor, Andrew Murray, and many other spiritual writers, including Watchman Nee, Oswald Chambers, Madame Guyon, Witness Lee, etc.

The riches the Lord brought to light through all these dear saints throughout the ages are simply amazing! Some are easy to read, others are hard to understand, while even others need you to have a dictionary with you all the time. However, when I started reading the footnotes in the Recovery Version, I simply understood the meaning of the text (first of all) and then I was brought into a deeper appreciation of the Bible and a sweeter love for the Lord!

Here are some things that I really love about the Recovery Version:

The Outline of the Recovery Version – Each book of the Bible has a subject, which encapsulates the meaning and essence of the book, and there’s an outline which gives you a sense of what the book, the chapters, and the verses talk about. Many times I thought that the miracles performed by the Lord are “randomly arranged” in the different Gospels – but just read the outline, you will see the big picture!

Recovery Version Footnotes – they are SO RICH! So deep. So sweet. So enlightening. I have no words to describe some of these notes. They not only give you the literal translation of some words (sometimes), the meaning of the verse, or the context of that verse – they bring you into a deeper appreciation of God, His economy, and His Word. Many times I read a verse and then the footnote and I just said, AMEN! I love You, Lord! (I’ll give some examples later; see some here)

The Cross-References – it is good to have cross references to similar passages in the Bible, and it is even better to have references to verses that express the same burden, principle, or meaning.

The Readability of the Recovery Version – It is so easy to read the text, so clear to understand, and so good to get a richer meaning of the Bible! The up-to-date expressions, language, and writing, including the elevated language of the footnotes gives you the impression that you read a commentary on the Bible and yet you understand it perfectly and you have an Amen! in your being.

The riches brought out by the Recovery Version – I personally recommend the following footnotes for your prayerful reading: Acts 2:21 (the note on calling on the name of the Lord), 2 Cor. 13:14 (footnote on the Triune God), John 3:16 (footnote on, believing INTO Him), 1 Cor. 15:45 (note on, life-giving Spirit), Matt. 1:1 (and note on Jesus, the first and last name of the Bible), John 1:14 (the note on God – the Word – becoming flesh), Matt. 26:8 (note on why this Waste?), 2 Cor. 3:18 (footnote 11, on the Lord Spirit), etc.

The thorough analysis and deeper study of certain terms – do you know how many kinds of Greek words are there for LIFE? (hint: zoe, psuche, and bios – divine, psychological, and biological) How many kinds of love are there in John 21? (more than 1!) What is the real meaning and how many places in the Bible the word TRUTH is used? There are so many word studies in the Recovery Version, that you will “feel like a scholar” while at the same time love the Lord more! It’s quite cool when you not only understand the Word but are also brought into an appreciation of God and His plan…

The charts – there are some very good charts like the one explaining the genealogy of the Lord’s ancestors, the chart of the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of the Heavens, etc. They require many verses and much study to fully comprehend…

The spirit of the translator and of the ones who wrote the footnotes in the Recovery Version. It is not only the development of a language, the new meanings of certain words, or the more accurate translation possible that should be the base of a new version of the Bible. It is the increase of the Lord’s light, the advance of the divine revelation, and the accumulation of the divine truth released to God’s people, including the pure spirit of the translators and compilers that make the Recovery Version a great translation with excellent footnotes!

Brother Witness Lee had inherited so much from brother Watchman Nee, and he released many messages and compiled many footnotes for the Bible Recovery Version – and today we can benefit from all his labor in the Lord!

The Recovery Version is now available FOR FREE!

Recovery Version Bible: Why I Love it and How I came to Know It [in the picture: the Holy Bible Recovery Version]For most Bibles you need to pay, and when I got all my Bibles I had to pay for them – yes, even though I was in Romania, I still had to pay for my Romanian and for most of my English Bibles. And I had to pay for my first Recovery Version of the New Testament – in those days it was available only for sale. But recently the Lord has put on the heart of many believers in Christ to make this “gold bar”, this solid New Testament Recovery Version with rich footnotes, available for FREE for all those who speak English!

So if you’re in England, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, or other English-speaking country, you can get a free New Testament Recovery Version. You can just order it online! On the one hand all the good things in life are free, on the other hand all the precious things in life cost a lot. Getting a Recovery Version Bible will not “bring you closer to God” if you don’t pay the price to read through it and prayerfully consider both the text and the footnotes.

It is only God who gives the growth, but we can cooperate with Him by opening to Him, turning our heart to Him, and reading His Word in a prayerful way. I personally warmly recommend the Recovery Version of the Bible – which you can also read online via!

Pictures credit: via holdingtotruth, Romanian, and Read a similar sharing via – Why the Recovery Version Is My Go-To Study Bible.

PS. The above article is just an appreciation from my heart to the Lord for this particular version of the Bible. It is NOT to promote anything or anyone, but to simply state what I enjoy reading and studying. If you would like to express YOUR appreciation for this particular version of the Bible, please leave a comment, or if you have any questions, also write in the comments below. May ALL things be done unto the building up!




  1. Amen brother!

    Something that I have been enjoying out of the recovery version this past week is God’s economy (Eph 1:10 to be exact). We see that this word is derived from the Greek word oikonomia and it is actually just God dispensing Himself into us. Other versions translate it as administration, but actually this is God’s household administration because the word economy is derived from “oikos” meaning household and “nomos” meaning administration. This means that God’s economy is actually for His house.

    In Ephesians 1 the footnotes reveal that God’s economy is actually just Him dispensing Himself into us as our life, this is a actually our spiritual blessing. But the reason why God is dispensing Himself into us is so that we can become the house of God. Not only do we become the house of God but we can actually enjoy the riches that He has and is now ministering to us as the steward and Head of this house! What a wondrous fact!

    I also enjoyed the footnote that you mentioned-Acts 2:21. In fact, it’s one of my favourites! Although I do not remember when I was saved, this is the footnote that confirmed to me that I AM saved. Not only am I saved from hell in future, the footnote also revealed to me that I can be saved TODAY simply by enjoying God. In the footnote, we see that the simplest way to enjoy God is simply to call on His name, that way we also enjoy His riches.

    I am not saying that there is anything wrong with all the other versions, I am simply sharing my enjoyment from the recovery version that has helped me grow in life and grow in the Lord. This really is a treasure for me (like Stefan says, a gold bar) and I have it withme wherever I go.

  2. Love the recovery version! it is so helpful, so rich and full of enjoyment. It stands on the shoulder of giants making it one of the best bibles

  3. “We limit not the truth of God / To our poor reach of mind, / By notions of our day and sect, / Crude, partial and confined. / Now let a new and better hope / Within our hearts be stirred: / The Lord hath yet more light and truth / To break forth from His Word.” (stanza 1, Hymns, #817)

    I find it amazing that there is indeed more light and truth that the Lord has yet to break forth from His Word. I am glad that we stand upon the shoulders of those who have gone before us in terms of the revelation of truth and the experience of the divine life. It would do well to be deeply grateful for their labor, because not only do we have to begin anew, we also have a rich basis from which to continue, to enrich, our seeking and obtaining this wonderful Person, the Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed, the Recovery Version of the Holy Bible is a solid and reliable springboard from which to proceed.

    I can only mention in brief the many benefits of the Recovery Version: text that can be read and understood easily; footnotes that explains many of the unfamiliar words, gives clear and oftentimes precious insights, and moreover places the Scriptures in an experiential and even practical context; maps and even charts that clearly show the inter-relatedness of different passages visually; and–a personal favorite–cross-references that can compare to many concordances. Personally, it has been a very big help in putting together different verses to form a clearer view of the matter at hand.

    I’m sure many other dear brothers and sisters in Christ can testify that the Recovery Version is indeed a rich treasure-trove. May it be likewise unto those who would yet get into it.

  4. Hi Stefan,

    Great article, and Lord Jesus said, I am the way, life, and Truth. I really believe that many dear saints need to know this good news, the updated translation and interpration version of Bible, as in the Recovery Version of the Bible, which I have been used for 7 years now. Next is one of examples among many I enjoyed to share with you:

    John 4:24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truthfulness.

    Footnote 4: This is our human spirit. According to typology, God should be worshipped (1) in the place chosen by God for His habitation (Deut. 12:5, 11, 13-14, 18), and (2) with the offerings (Lev. 1–6). The place chosen by God for His habitation typifies the human spirit, where God’s habitation is today (Eph. 2:22). The offerings typify Christ; Christ is the fulfillment and reality of all the offerings with which the people worshipped God. Hence, when the Lord instructed the woman to worship God the Spirit in spirit and truthfulness, He meant that she should contact God the Spirit in her spirit instead of in a specific location, and through Christ instead of with the offerings. Since Christ, as the reality that issues in the human virtue of truthfulness, has come (vv. 25-26), all the shadows and types are over.

    I particularly enjoy this footnote from the Recovery Version of the New Testament, for it was the first time that I got saved by this verse of John 4:24. When my friend preached gospel to me in California around the summer of 2005, I was immediately impressed by the Truth that God is Spirit, and we should worship God in our spirits. With the help of the footnote quoted above, I realized the Faith I received is not about religious ways of offerings, but about the matter of spirit. I did not even know I have a spirit before and once I realize I could use my spirit to contact God, who is also Spirit. I just got saved at that moment.

    These two spirits: Spirit and spirit in this verse of John 4:24 really save me even today. Everyday, I woke up calling upon His name, “Oh, Lord Jesus, I love you.” I feel instantly my spirit uplifted and filled with a warm feeling inward, which I enjoy as God’s Spirit to strengthen me and guide me throughout my daily work and living schedule. How much I love my dear Lord, and how much I thank the saints who worked so hard and diligently for this updated translation version of the Bible!

    Lord, you are my bread of Life and living bread to supply me everyday. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

    brother Ting from Atlanta, USA

  5. I can never forget reading the recovery version for the first time. It was the book of Revelation and how really understands this book? However, when I came across the footnotes at the bottom of the text, the revelation was more than clear. Each time I read the text and then footnotes, I could understand what I was reading. Later, I came to realize that there were more portions of scripture that proved that one needs the interpretation of the Word of God.

    One of these portions is In Acts, chapter 8, where the Ethiopian man was reading Isaiah 53 and couldn’t understand what he was reading. That was, not until Philip came and interpreted the portion that he was reading and caused him to understand that it referred to Jesus. Then after realizing that, he desired to be baptized. Without Philip interpreting this passage, this man would have remained in the dark in relation to the Word.

    In my experience, the recovery version brings in the revelation of God’s central line of truth, life and for the building up of body of Christ according to God’s eternal purpose and plan. The recovery version and its revelation is an accumulation of the revelation seen by God’s servants over the last 500 years.

    Praise Him!

  6. The Recovery Version is a rich version of the Bible. What I really like is the fact that it’s easy to read and understand. I wouldn’t call myself an expert on the Bible but since I started reading the Recovery Version I have become more knowledgeable about the Word and more consistent in my reading of it.

    Growing up, I was never able to find the right translation for me. I wanted to be able to understand the King James but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. The newer translations lacked depth and just seemed recklessly basic to me. When I discovered the Recovery Version, I didn’t immediately appreciate it. I had tried too many to get my hopes up. When I began to read it and use the footnotes, that was when I began to appreciate it.

    My first Recovery Version was on an electronic version and I think that made a difference. Being able to just press the links to get the footnotes made it feel like a study Bible rather than just another version of the Bible that I was collecting. The words “God’s economy” were revealed to me in the Recovery Version. What a revelation this was. I don’t remember every coming across that in any other version. It’s key phrases like this which make the Recovery Version, my preferred version of the Bible.

  7. This Recovery Version Bible is amazing and is filling with abundant sufficiency.
    I also love it, cause there are impressive outlines of each chapter.
    Everyone who read and pursue this bible can take those outlines top of the every single chapter. It helps we can easily understand whole context of the bible.

    With Recovery Version Bible, verses of Philippians enlighten me definitely. It’s Pp 4:11~12. In those verses, I opened my eyes widely for secret of sufficiency from Christ.

    We can get the fact that the Bible is breath of God and living His word with Recovery Version Bible. Thanks Lord, for giving us Recovery Version Bible.

  8. I wouldn’t be here by now without having my daily supply from reading, pray-reading the Holy Bible Recovery Version! Praise the Lord!
    Just like you, my husband and I went through reading His word through different available versions while we were in the Phil. Personally, since I believed and got baptized, I am so grateful that He has infused within me to love His word. What a mercy and grace. I started reading with King James Version, then the New King James Version [with the highlighted portion in red ink for the Lord’s speaking], then the NIV. In fact, the first two months young people training I went through, I used the NIV and wrote down my enlightenments in a journal. My husband also encouraged me to read other versions: John Nelson Darby, New English Translation (He read more versions.) Yet, I remain hungry and thirsty for His word!
    It was in the early 80s when saints from US went to the Phillippines and a dear sister gave me a pocket sized Recovery Version of the book of John! Wow! that was the first ‘gold bar’. Since then, I received book after book of the newly translated recovery versions in the NT until we got the first version of the NT Recovery Version. And now we have the Old and New RcV and also available via audio. Praise the Lord! This is my (our family’s) favorite and best translation of the Bible that I enjoy as my ‘daily bread’ , my breath, my sunshine!

  9. After being saved, I was told it was important to read the Bible, God’s word. But my immediate struggling was in the language used in the Bible. While I did desire to read the Bible, I found the language antiquated and hard to for me to understand. However, not long after I was saved, I was introduced to the Recovery version of the New Testament, and I found that the Bible was no longer a “closed book” to me. The words in the Bible started to make an impression on me, and I received something precious: the Word of God became living to me.
    I was introduced to the Gospel of Mark, followed by the book of Romans. This was a true opening to my spirit, as I saw not only how God had worked in others, but how He was working in me to save me, even daily.
    Since that time, I have continued to use the Recovery version, reading daily, and enjoying the voluminous footnotes, which cover many aspects of the Christian experience. Some verses feature multiple footnotes on a single verse, helping the reader to understand some of the deeper aspects of the verse, the intent of the writer or the context of the book. In my experience, these footnotes help to bring us deeper into God’s word, and clarify so many of the questions within. There are also very helpful outlines, detailing the key aspects of each book.
    In recent years, we have used the Recovery version in our small group meetings with new believers, and found the Bible very easy to use, and most of all–enjoyable! Several times when we were reading, the ones reading proclaimed: That is what I always wanted to know. Now it all makes sense!
    We also had the opportunity to distribute this version to others at nearby college campuses, community events, and after the events of 9/11. The conversations and experiences during those times, when we opened the Bible with others, read some verses, and brought others to salvation helped me to realize that God’s word is powerful and gives light and life to others.
    The Recovery Version Bible is a wonderful tool, that we have found is a precious gift to us, a faithful translation that is easy to understand. It is an accessible version, with many helpful footnotes, cross-references and helpful outlines. Our understanding of the Bible is not only greater, but our experience of Christ and of the Christian life are also heightened. How wonderful that we have such a useful tool in our hands! I truly thank the Lord for the Recovery Version of the Bible.

  10. Amen. Praise the Lord! I love my Recovery Version Bible too. I had it with me since 2002. I am thankful to God for having this treasure. It speaks the unsearchable riches of Christ, the bountiful supply of the Spirit, God’s economy, His plan, His desire, and His many more aspects. I am impressed of the the divine revelation in God’s word, they are full of life. Whenever I read it, it enlighten and strenghten me and often I come into a realization of a deeper, sweet and intimate relationship with the Lord. O Lord, I love You!
    Just like you, what I love about the Recovery Version Bible is that its texts are easy to understand, and the footnotes (which I so appreciate), the treasure within them is too rich! Indeeed, the Recovery Version Bible is a “gold bar” for the richness of its treasure, that you can have an Amen! in your being while reading the verses and then the footnotes. How wonderful that the Bible not only teaches us but leads us to experience of God Himself! Hallelujah! When reading the word in a prayerful way, in spirit we can see the light and enjoy the life revealed. Thank You Lord!
    “God’s own Word must not be taken/ Just as knowledge but as life,/ Not alone God’s thought conveying, / But Himself to us as life / Not alone God’s mind revealing, / But His Christ as life within, / Not alone the teaching giving, / But experience of Him.” (hymn 816)

  11. Hi Stefan, I really enjoyed this post and also greatly enjoy the Recovery Version. It’s such an accurate translation that’s also easy to read and understand. The footnotes are so helpful in unlocking the meaning of the Bible and bringing us into a deeper understanding of God’s word. Some of my favorite footnotes are the ones in Matthew 1 on the genealogy of Christ. I always recommend people to start with those notes because they are so rich. Thank you for this great post and such a great translation of the Bible.

  12. Thanks for the post, Stefan. It’s encouraging to hear that you started reading the Bible at a young age and that you’ve found the Recovery version so helpful.

    I too have been greatly helped by the Recovery Version. I’ve been reading it for more than a decade. In short, it’s amazing! I especially appreciate that the footnotes are geared toward helping us as Christians to know, appreciate, and experience Christ for God’s purpose. To do this, the footnotes pull together many verses from various portions of the Bible in a way that is full of light and revelation and that interprets the Bible with the Bible.

    Overall, while I read and appreciate numerous translations of the Bible, this translation has been the most helpful to me in that it clearly presents the deep revelation in the Bible concerning Christ and the church and also provides practical help in how to enter into this revelation in our Christian life and church life.

  13. Amen I praise the Lord for the Recovery Version of the Bible. Praise the Lord for His mercy in giving the Recovery Version to gain His people back to Him. I praise the Lord for His complete salvation which is found in the Recovery Version. Without the Recovery Version of the Bible Christ has no way to come back to gain His people and to consummate in the New Jerusalem.

    The Bible is a book life of life and the Recovery Version of the Bible is full of life, light, revelation and is enjoyable to read as Christ as life flows from the Word of God and the enjoyment of the footnotes to supply us with all that He is and to reveal to us the mysteries in the Bible for our enjoyment, growth and to be overcomers in Christ. Thank You Lord Jesus for giving us the Recovery Version for without Recovery Version we can never gain the full enjoyment of Christ as everything to us. Thank You Lord that through the Recovery Version You have a way to gain Your people back to You for Your coming back to gain the earth and consummate the New Jerusalem. Thank You Lord Jesus Amen.

  14. Why do I love the Recovery Version of the Bible?

    The greatest discovery is not the discovery of gravity by Newton. It is not the structure of the atom or the human genome. The GREATEST discovery is the discovery of CHRIST in every page of the Recovery Version of the Bible.

    This is why I love this version of the Bible.

  15. The recovery version of the Bible is wonderful and full of all the riches of Christ. By spending time every day in the Word of God we can become saturated with Him.
    I remember reading the recovery version for the first time, I’m Afrikaans and struggled to understand and enjoy English versions of the Bible, but the recovery version is, like you said, plain, simple and good English. I couldn’t get enough of this version and still can’t. At the beginning it took me some time to figure out the outlines, footnotes and cross referencing, but the saints helped me to familiarize myself with how this version works and how to use it.

    I’m so thankful that the Lord brought me to this version, now I enjoy the Lord in all His riches on every page.

  16. Thanks for this post Stefan. Honestly, the Recovery Version is the best study Bible I’ve gotten my hands on.

    Of course I appreciate its word-for-word translation method, which is quite necessary for a thorough study of Scripture. However, the Recovery Version also isn’t found lacking in its readability. I think it has found a wonderful balance between both accurate translation and readability quite similar to the ESV.

    Perhaps what is most outstanding though is the Recovery Version’s outlines and footnotes. It is a Study Bible. Thus, it should offer tools that help the reader delve into the very bone, marrow, and spirit of the text. It is in this area that RcV truly shines.

    Most study Bibles offer helpful historical context for each book, giving the reader a greater understanding of the life and times of the author, the letter’s recipients, and its contents. However, the Recovery Version goes further. Not only does its footnotes provide valuable theological interpretation for difficult passages, they also apply many Scriptural principles to the daily Christian experience.

    Sometimes its hard to tell what’s better… the profound, objective, theological concepts the RcV expounds from Genesis to Revelation, or the deep, subjective, spiritual nourishment it provides to the inner man of the heart (1 Pet. 3:4).

  17. Amen to the Recovery Version Bible..! I had other versions of the Bible.. But since i found this Recovery Version in the 1990s.. I loved it since then.. It was so simple to use..and with the rich footnotes my bible reading was much more interesting. I was much enlightened that I was truly enriched..

    Well.. If you have not read it you may not understand why those who read it will love it. Reading through it, I found that it also included some other translated versions words that are considered accurate references. This show the building work of God’s people.. Bro Stefan has indeed presented it here very well which I truly amen as all those points have indeed been experienced by me.

    The first Recovery Version I had was a New Testament.. First edition.. I lent it to an old neighbor of mine, since then she never returned to me, so I bought another one with the Old Testament and through the course of time i gave many away especially to those newly saved ones who willingly read the Bible with me.

  18. There are many things to appreciate about the RcV. I’d like to point out the clarity and faithfulness to the original language. The text is based on the latest manuscripts and often points out differing words and phrases in the footnotes. And I appreciate that this is sometimes at the expense of the smoothness of the prose. For instance, in Ephesians 6:17, there is the somewhat unusual phrasing “…the sword of the Spirit, which Spirit is the word of God.” While inserting the second instance of “Spirit” is not standard, it does help eliminate the common misconception that the sword is the word (rather that the Spirit being the word.)

    Another example is in 2 Corinthians 3:18. Most translations struggle with the Greek word often interpreted as “beholding”, “mirroring”, or “reflecting.” The RcV overcomes this issue by using the phrase “beholding and reflecting as a mirror”. Many words for one Greek word, true, but it results in a more faithful, fuller rendering of what the Greek.

  19. Praise the Lord for the Recovery version of the Bible! I really appreciate your sharing this Stefan.
    Since I was young I had a lot of unanswered questions and found it difficult to understand the scriptures, but when I was introduced to the recovery version it blew me away, ever since that time I have still read other versions but most of all I appreciate my recovery version. The light that shines out of this version is absolutely unmatched and I firmly believe this is a true gift from God and is truly His upto date speaking that He desires all men to come to the full knowledge of the truth. This version surely does give a tremendous help to all the genuine lovers of Christ. I pray and hope that many more will be lead to the recovery version, undoubtedly the best study Bible in existence.

  20. The Recovery Version is certainly modern English but is not simplified English; some of the sentences are long but I admire that because it leads me to see the flow of God’s intention. I also appreciate the text includeing all the connecting words (for, and, but, etc.). This too causes me to see the connections from one sentence to the next and from one verse to the next.
    I like the outlines and footnotes because they 1) are written from the perspective of God’s eternal purpose [e.g. outline for Eph. 1:3-14], 2) they focus on Christ [e.g. the subject of Colossians], 3) they distinguish yet also show the relationship between objective facts accomplished by Christ in His death and resurrection and our subjective experience of Christ [e.g. Luke 15:23, note 1], and 4) notes reference other verses to support the statements made in the note [e.g. 1 Cor. 1:9, note 2]. Furthermore, the entire NT including all the study aids, has been made available at

  21. For YEARS I was a Christian and had read the Bible through many times. Very often it was dry and difficult to understand, simply doctrine but no LIFE. I loved all my many translations, starting with the KJV, then the Amplified, and the NIV. These were all very good and fed me, but still I was so full of questions. ——-And THEN I received my first Recovery Version. OH! WHAT A TREASURE! I will be eternally grateful! It definitely was the Lord’s mercy!

    The footnotes EXPLAIN what I hadn’t understood before! NO MORE QUESTIONS! Oh, what RICHNESS there is in my reading now! I take the word as my daily manna now, gathering it up in the morning and feasting on it all day long. What feeding I enjoy! May many more dry, thirsty, hungry Christians come to know this richness. May we get on the shoulders of our dear brother, Watchman Nee, and see even further.

  22. I enjoy reading the Recovery Version of the Bible simply because it supplies me with Light and Life. Light that enlighten my inner eyes and gives me direction. Life that supplies, nourishes and shepherds me. At the end of day, it leaves a deep impression on how loving and wise God is, and how blessed we are to be chosen and be part of His good pleasure. It is not mere words in letters but as you read it prayerfully, in spirit, it conveys the divine revelation of who God is, His eternal purpose, and what He has done, is doing and will accomplish through man to fulfill His heart desire.

    Each book in the Recovery Version has comprehensive outlines, footnotes and cross references. As per stated in the preface …” the subject provided at the beginning of each book and the outline of each book take the historical facts as their base and express the spiritual meaning in each book. The footnotes stress the revelation of the truth, the spiritual light, and the supply of life more than history, geography, and persons. The cross references lead not only to other verses with the same expressions and facts but also to other matters related to the spiritualrevelation in the divine Word.”

    “Throughout the centuries the understanding of the divine revelation possessed by the saints has always been based upon the light they received, and this understanding has progressed steadily. The consummation of this understanding forms the basis of this translation and its footnotes. Hence, this translation and the accompanying footnotes could be called the ‘crystallization’ of the understanding of the divine revelation which the saints everywhere have attained to in the past two thousand years. It is our hope that the Recovery Version will carry on the heritage that it has received and will pave the way for future generations.”

    I strongly recommend the Recovery Version of the Bible to all seekers of the Lord.

  23. The Holy Bible Recovery Version is really helpful to me and it is full of life supply. The footnotes are wonderful, they are full of light and revelation.

    Recently I came across Genesis 1:1 ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ With the help of the footnotes, I see that the seed of the Trinity is implied here, with God (Elohim in Hebrew) in plural, and created in singular. Furthermore, in verse 26 the pronouns US and OURS are used in reference to God. What a revelation! God is one and yet He is three, He is the Triune God who created!

  24. Amen! I am one of the many dear brothers and sisters in Christ who can testify that the Holy Bible Recovery Version is so wonderful. I must say that it is the best study Bible that I have encountered.

    I love the subject line at the beginning of every book which gives an overview/summary of its spiritual significance.

    The marginal cross-references are also very useful for further study and nourishment. It leads to other verses with the same expressions and facts and to other matters related to the spiritual revelation in the Word.

    The footnotes! Oh, I love the footnotes. They are so rich and so enjoyable! It stresses the revelation of the truth, the spiritual light, and the supply of life MORE THAN history, geography, and persons. It also gives scriptural and spiritual principles which is significant to our Christian life and living.

    Oh, the Recovery Version just leads me to the truth, life, The Spirit, and Christ!