Why and What should a Genuine Christian Blog?

Why and What should a Genuine Christian Blog?Blogging started as an online journal and now “everyone is blogging”. People blog, companies blog, and even bots blog – people write some programs that “automatically blog”. What once used to be a personal diary or online journal now it has been commercialized and even trivialized.

However, there’s a great value to blogging, and even though there are many blog posts out there entitled, “Why should a Christian blog?” here is my feeling on this subject.

Why should a Genuine Christian Blog?

First of all, what is a “genuine Christian”? The disciples of Christ were given this nickname as a contempt by the other people in Antioch (Acts 11:26); they were labelled as “followers of Christ”, or Christ-ians. Since then there were many who either are called by others or call themselves “Christians”.

A genuine Christian is a man or a woman who has received the Lord Jesus into his/her heart and who loves the Lord, enjoys Him, spends time with Him, grows in life, meets with other believers to be built up into the Body of Christ, and earnestly desires for the Lord Jesus to return. If you are such a one, then you are a genuine Christian.

So, why should a genuine Christian blog? Many people say, “If you believe in God and love God, you should keep it personal – don’t be public about it and don’t force it on others!” I have been told such a thing by someone who considered himself a Christian.

But then I did a search on google for, let’s say, the new Nexus 9 from google – and lo and behold, there are hundreds of people writing about this product even though they never saw it, touched it, or played with it. Basically, they write about something they never subjectively experienced.

Why would people write about such trivial things – and in such high volumes – and yet we won’t write about the Lord Jesus, the One we love? As genuine Christians we have touched the Lord, we have been touched by Him, we love Him, we enjoy Him, we love to read His word, and we love to meet with the fellow Christians. Why should we not testify about this?

Why allow so much “hot air”, bad news, and all that nonsense be published online – and we even “eat that garbage” by reading it – yet we don’t testify of our love for the Lord?

The main reason a genuine Christian should blog is because, if he is born again and enjoys Christ, he actually has something to say. Most of the blogging and writing out there is nonsense, stuff that in 1 year is completely out of date, hot air, words upon words, opinions (which change with time), and basically vanity of vanities.

There’s so much said about the things in the world, be it sports, cars, gadgets, etc, but what about speaking THE WORD, that is, speaking Christ? Christ Himself is the Word of God; He is the definition of God, the explanation of God (see John 1:1, 14), and this One is in us. If there’s something to be said and written on a blog, then it is the genuine Christians that can and should speak and write.

We actually have something to say, and it’s not our “feelings” or “opinions” or even “doctrines”; we have Christ, and Christ is being wrought into us and constituted into our being day by day as we enjoy Him and experience Him. And this Christ wants to just FLOW OUT – why won’t we let Him flow? Why wouldn’t we be those who have the tongue as the pen of a ready writer, ready to write our love for Him?

There are many other reasons why genuine Christians should blog, but the most important one is: use blogging for God’s sake. You may not be able to create a website, but you can blog and share your enjoyment and experience of Christ, and the earth will slowly be filled with the knowledge of God.

God needs ambassadors; He needs people like Peter and Paul who would speak and write His word. He needs some genuine Christians – maybe not ALL, but at least some – who would be willing to deny themselves and stand for God in this generation. God needs some genuine Christians who would just overflow with their enjoyment of Christ and would cut straight the word of the truth, being an anti-testimony to the polluted and degraded Christianity and corrupt and evil generation today.

What should a Genuine Christian Blog about?

When it comes to blogging, it is so easy to “blog about what you want”, that is, write about your experiences, what you learn from the Bible, your sufferings, etc. But what “I feel that a Christian should blog about” may NOT be what the Lord wants.

What does the Lord wants to flow out in words? Does He want to lower down the high gospel in the New Testament to your small experience? Does God really want you to establish your own ministry and grow the number of your followers? Does God really want to teach us concerning how to behave, how to raise up our children, how to choose right from wrong, etc?

A genuine Christian blogger should seek the Lord’s heart and be one with the Lord as he writes. Only what a blogger writes when he’s one with Christ is what matters. There are thousands of Christian bloggers, but so many write what they want, what they like, and what they think. Many water down the gospel and talk about worldly things.

Who would pay the price to write something in oneness with God, based upon the word of God and according to God’s economy which is in faith? Who would learn to deny himself to such an extent? Who learns to take up the cross (not merely write about taking up the cross) and follow the Lord, speaking His words, exercising his spirit in oneness with the Lord as the Spirit, and uttering words that convey not “Bible knowledge” but Christ Himself?

Who would be willing to get into the word of God, dive into the ministry of the apostles, be one with Christ as the Head, be in fellowship with the fellow members, live a normal Christian life and church life under the divine dispensing, and just flow out something of his enjoyment and experience of Christ?

It seems that I’m not explicitly saying what should a genuine Christian blog about but rather ask questions. It is good to check with yourself, if you’re burdened to blog something:

Lord, what about my blogging? Do I express You, or do I just express myself and show others how much I know and experience? Lord Jesus, do You get all the glory or do I seek a following and recognition? Lord, are these Your words or are they worldly expression and thoughts which I use “for God’s glory”? Lord Jesus, is this You as the Word of God being expressed through me, or do I just write because I have to write and I want to write? Is this blog post, this article, or this review something that leads others into Your enjoyment and Your experience?

With questions and prayers such as these as a basis, here are some things that I think that genuine Christians can and should blog about:

  • Testify of their enjoyment of Christ. Not of how much they read or what Christian author they appreciate, but their enjoyment of Christ. This means that they have to enjoy the Lord, spend time with Him, be filled with Him, and then overflow something out. Example: see this article.
  • Testify of their enjoyment in the church life. The church life is glorious; it is here that we have a foretaste of the New Jerusalem. Where are the genuine testimonies of experiencing Christ in the church life as the Body of Christ? Where are the divine and mystical experiences of Christ that lead to the building up of the Body of Christ consummating in the New Jerusalem? Who pays the price to seek the Lord for such experiences, and who can testify a little of this? Examples: see this website.
  • Praying, singing, and psalming – if we enjoy the Lord, there’s much prayers, praises, singing, and psalming, both in our heart and as an overflow in writing. If we enjoy THE WORD of God in the church as the pillar and base of the truth, there’s a new song being composed, there are prayers as active responses to the Lord’s speaking, and there is singing with psalming. Who utters genuine prayers of being one with Christ to respond to His word in the Bible? Who allows the word of Christ to dwell in him so richly that there’s a song coming out as a crystallization and overflow of his enjoyment? Example: see hymnal.net.
  • Cutting straight the word of the truth. Not just doctrines, not merely blogging the word of God (which is very good – quoting the Scriptures is excellent!), but writing under the divine light as those who are governed by the vision of God’s economy and are saturated by the Holy Word of God. Who knows what the ministry of the apostles is? Who is one with the unique and genuine ministry in the New Testament and cuts straight the word of the truth by writing truth-filled blog posts that both help you grow in life and give you nuggets of the gold from the word of God? Who speaks of God’s economy and ministers not merely letters but life?
  • Christ-filled and Spirit-filled multimedia like: pictures, videos, singing, etc. Who takes pictures and edits them to post God’s word and God’s economy with quotes from the Bible or from the ministry of the age to edify the reader? We need more multimedia that is not about the quality of the video or the sound but they minister Christ into the listener. We need more new Scripture songs, more new hymns that are filled with enjoyment, truth, and life. Example: see this website.

…and the list goes on. Who would pay such a price? Where will the Lord gain a people who would deny themselves both in their daily life and in their online life to the extent that Christ is manifested through them, whether through their daily living or through their blogging?